Mixed Media Journals & Planners

Hi everyone! Have you noticed how popular journals and planners have become? I think it’s because many people crave both a creative outlet and something tactile, instead of putting our reminders and memories into something electronic. Journals and planners are also portable, which makes them ideal to take along with you.

Ranger’s Dylusions Creative Dyary (named for designer Dyan Reaveley) has 56 double-sided cardstock sheets that contain undated weekly pages on the left and decorated background pages on the right.

I love that some of the pages are perfect for coloring (when you’re on the go just take your pens or pencils with you) and others are mixed media backgrounds that are perfect for Dazzles™ Stickers and stamping. For this page I used Zen Butterflies Dazzles™ Stickers and I colored them with Spectrum Noir™ Metallic Pencils.

Personally, I’m a planner girl. I like to record coming appointments and dates to keep organized. I highlight certain events or dates with the Dylusions Creative Dyary Clear Stamp Set and then I add notes, after that day has passed, where I might use Dazzles™ Stickers and record funny things that happened or people I met. I don’t worry about how pretty it is because it’s just for me! The Dylusions Creative Dyary Clear Stamp Set can be used to make a planner or calendar out of any journal. It’s a great tool to have around.

On the Mixed Media side I added Paisley Patterns Stamps and colored them with Spectrum Noir™ Metallic Pencils. A little Washi Tape kept my journaling note in place and hid info that I didn’t want to forget.

There are so many types of Journals & Planners available today and it can be hard to decide which is best for you. I made a quick little video to show you what’s available.

Summer is a great time to get started with your Journal or Planner. I encourage you to give it a try. Happy Crafting!

LeNae Gerig


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Mixed Media Made Simple

The term Mixed Media can intimidate some people, but really it’s just layering multiple products (or mediums) on your project. Something you might do without even thinking about it.

For example, this Birthday card, uses Artful Watercolor Papers (which feature watercolor and stamped backgrounds). Next, I added a small numbers stencil from 301 Mixed Media Stencil Collection and Rose Postcard Stamp, which is stamped once on Artful Watercolor tan paper and once on pink. I smudged a little green chalk to color the leaves and then I cut out the pink stamped image and foam taped it over the tan image.

After stenciling large numbers, from 301 Mixed Media Stencil Collection, using Amethyst Purple Nuvo Glimmer Paste, I added “happy birthday” Card Greetings Dazzles™ Stickers, purple Jute Twine and Mixed Berry Sequins to add more sparkle!

Journals and binders are so popular right now, and I thought why not use a Sara’s Surfaces 8″x8″ Album to make by own custom binder, using Mixed Media? First I colored the album cover edges with the surface of a Brown Ink Pad. Then I glued blue and teal torn Seaside papers to the cover.

Next, I made some custom colored embossing paste by mixing Pthalo Green Color Burst with White Embossing Paste (using my favorite Mini Squeegee).

I placed the “Inspire Your Self” stencil, from 303 Mixed Media Stencil Collection, angled on the cover and smoothed the green paste over the words. Remove the stencil and let the paste dry.

Next, I made more custom colored embossing paste by mixing Ultramarine Blue Color Burst and White Embossing Paste and applied it over All Over Swirls Stencil on both the cover and on ivory cardstock (to make pages with later).

Before the embossing paste dries, use a baby wipe or moist paper towel and rub over the stencil and paste to soften the edges. Remove the stencil and place it on a different area of the cover. Use the same baby wipe to rub excess color over the stencil and onto the cover for a softer stenciled image. Stamp Sea Turtles onto ivory cardstock and color with green and blue Brights Spectrum Noir Pen Set. Cut out and glue to the cover along with blue and green Party Time Sequins.

Turn clear sheet protectors, included with (8″x8″ Sara’s Surfaces Album) into storage pockets, use Cosmetic Sponges to sponge Timber Brown StazOn® Ink Pad over the surface on 303 Mixed Media Stencil Collection images. To keep things in place, Hole Punch the sheet protectors near the top edge, load up with all types of memorabilia and thread with Seaside Ribbons. To make pages, cut cardstock to 9 1/4″x 8 1/8″ and repeat the techniques used on the cover to stencil page corners and stamp turtles directly onto the pages. Embellish with blue and green Party Time Sequin.

You see? Getting that Mixed Media look you’ve heard so much about isn’t difficult at all. Just play and have fun using your favorite products! Happy Crafting!

LeNae Gerig

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Vignette Boxes

I’m in LOVE with Tim Holtz idea-ology Vignette Boxes! They make perfect mini display cases for photos and keepsakes.

The boxes come nested in four different sizes and the embellishing possibilities are limitless! For my Stacked Memory Boxes, I used Romantic Butterflies Artful Card Kit papers and family photos to cover the back panels inside the boxes. The die-cut shapes added dimension and whimsy. After decorating the boxes I used Craft Tacky Glue to glue the small box inside the large box and another large box on top. I glued a photo inside a large Bezel Die Square Frame Jewelry Pendant and glued that to the edges of the box.

I also used Artful Romantic Butterflies Ribbon Set, Purple Rosette Flowers and Lilac Mini Paper Roses to add some color and texture. Vintage Heart & Key Charms and a pocket watch from Gentlemen Wooden Flourish Pack added the perfect finishing touches! The Stacked Memory Boxes can sit on a table or you could glue (no nails on the thin wood) a sawtooth hanger to the back for hanging.

Using the same package of four Tim Holtz Vignette Boxes, I also made a pedestal box featuring contemporary color photos.

I used Seaside Paper Pack and Ribbon Set, as well as Words Foiled Fancies (inked with Brown StazOn® Ink Pad and lightly sanded) a Metal Star Charm and a Wood Spool for the stand.

Give these fun boxes a try and happy crafting!

LeNae Gerig

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Butterflies Galore!

I have butterflies on my mind this week.

I covered the Circle Wood Shelf with Sunday Musings Paper, using the center of the newsprint paper so the floral corner embellishment would fall on the edges of the circle. Then I inked the circle edges using the surface of a Black Ink Pad. Before placing the shelves in the slots on the circle, I stenciled 2 large Layered Butterflies using Red Cat’s Eye Queue Pigment Ink Pad Set.

I used Stencil Tape to secure the stencil and then used the surface of the peach ink pad for the first layer.

Next came the orange ink pad.

Then Black Ink for the body. This was a tight space so I used a Cosmetic Sponge.

Finally came the red ink pad for the details.

The Circle Shelf does not include a hanger, so I picked up a sawtooth hanger at the local hardware store. I attached the hanger before gluing the paper-covered shelves into the notched spaces.

This decorated Distressed Wood Plank is a quick and easy project that features lots of style! Debbie used the Butterflies Punch Out Project Pad, which includes 575 foiled butterfly die-cuts. Add some Acetate Butterflies for extra shine and you’re done!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you’re inspired to make something today! Happy Crafting!

LeNae Gerig

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Graduation Is On Its Way!

Hi everyone! It’s almost summer and that means it’s time to celebrate our Graduates!

First up is a fun Star Triple Easel Die-Cut Card, featuring Graduation Dazzles™ Stickers! I customized the card with the graduate’s school colors using green dot paper from Colorists Paper Pack and then added some sparkle with Gold Ripple Holographic Paper (it comes in other colors too) and Velvet Glitter Ribbon.

Here’s a different look, using the same Graduation Dazzles™ Stickers, Colorists Paper Pack, Colorists Ribbon, White and Black Cardstock and a Blank White Card.

Make a quick & easy monogram letter (first/last name of grad or even initial of their school) for your graduate using a Letterpress Wood Block Letter, stenciled with the All Over Swirls Stencil, Glossy Black Embossing Paste and Squeegee. You can also use this technique on portions of our Paper Mache and Chipboard Letters! How fun to spell out the word “GRAD” for your celebration centerpiece!

Here is a quick little video to show you how it’s done:

Another great card idea is to make a Lock-Itz card using the Flutterby Die, Twilight Jewel Paper Pack, Pink Jewel Border Dazzles™ Stickers, Pink Jewel Dazzles™ Stickers and Everyday Greetings Dazzles™ Stickers.

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you have some Graduation Inspiration!

Happy Crafting!

LeNae Gerig

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Something For Dad & Family Celebrations!

Hello everyone! Father’s Day is approaching and I have a little crafty inspiration for you!

This Coaster Set features photocopy transfers and Family & Friends Black Dazzles™ Stickers on one side and Coffee Mugs Dazzles™ Stickers on the other! To make this set you will need several good quality photocopies, Translucent Embossing Paste and a Mini Squeegee. The steps to transfer a photocopy are very easy and I’ll walk you through them.

First, use the Mini Squeegee to apply Translucent Embossing Paste to one side of a coaster. The embossing paste is 100% acrylic emulsion which makes it water-soluble, but it becomes water-resistant when dry.

Place the photocopy picture-side down on the paste-covered coaster. You may want to reverse your photo, using digital photo software, if your image contains numbers or letters because the image will be reversed once transferred.

Use the Mini Squeegee to smooth out the back of the photocopy to remove any air bubbles or thickness in the paste. Let the paste dry for at least 8 hours.

Wet the paper side of the coaster with water and gently begin to rub the paper layer away until the photo image begins to reveal itself.

Add more water if necessary and continue to rub away the paper fibers. When you are finished removing the paper fibers, let the coaster dry for several hours.

Use the Mini Squeegee to apply a thin layer of Translucent Embossing Paste to seal each photocopy side of the Coaster Set and let dry. Paint the wood side of each coaster piece and the stand with Gold Cosmic Shimmer Paint and let dry. Personalize with “Dad” or “Grandpa” Family & Friends Black Dazzles™ Stickers. Use Craft Tacky Glue to glue the holder side pieces into the base and let dry. Place Coffee Mugs Dazzles™ Stickers on the coaster holder sides and on the gold painted back of each coaster (you will need several sheets of Dazzles™ Stickers if you want large coffee mugs on all of the coasters).


I like the idea of doing a “Family” banner, using 8″ Tall Chipboard Letters that can be used year round or brought out for special family celebrations, like Father’s Day.

Each letter is uniquely decorated. I found the best way to approach this was to do a little planning and lay out the letters and cover each with a different patterned paper from Romantique Paper Pack. Punch 1/8″ evenly spaced holes across the top of the letters using a power punch like Crop-A-Dile.

Lightly sand Swirls & Flourishes Foiled Fancies™ with a sanding block and glue to the letters using Craft Tacky Glue. Embellish letters with Romantique Ribbon Set, Pink and Yellow Rosettes and Pink Mini Roses. For a finishing touch I added buttons and half pearls from Cotton Candy Embellishment Bottle and Acetate Butterflies. Thread the letters with a length of Blueberry Twine Cording and tie loops at each end for hanging.

Thanks stopping by and I hope you come away with some inspiration for your family celebrations!

Happy Crafting!

LeNae Gerig

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Jars, Jars ‘n More Jars

Hello everyone! Today I want to confess my obsession with mason jars! They are just so versatile! Maybe you love them as much as I do?

I’m so excited that Paper Wishes now has Tim Holtz Mini Mason Jars! They are 3 7/8″ tall, come in a 3 pack and they are so cute! I couldn’t wait to play with them.


I used one jar to make a Memory Jar featuring my parents as young newlyweds. It was a quick project and I love how it turned out! I placed a small black & white photo inside the jar and added some Savannah Stroll Buttons for color.


I covered the top of the jar lid with pink Romantique paper, wrapped some Romantique Ribbons around the lid and tied a bow to the left of center. I used some hot glue to attach a Pink Rosette and leaf to the bow center. Once the lid was secure I placed “Together” from Family & Friends Black Dazzles™ Stickers on the top of the lid.

I used another jar to make a little tea light holder. Because I used a battery operated tea light I was able to keep the lid on, which made it a little different. I tore some black and ivory Romantique paper and used the shadow for the heart shaped die, from 10 Tiny Things + Shadows Cutting Dies, to cut a heart in the center of the torn paper strip. I wrapped a Black Jewel Border Dazzles™ Sticker around the lid to add a touch of sparkle! And the heart cut-out from the front? I glued that to the top of the lid.

This jar uses a combination of Cranberry and Eggplant Alcohol Inks, which are so easy to sponge (using a Cosmetic Sponge) onto the outside of the glass.

I sponged Eggplant onto the lid and after drying for about 1 minute I placed a small Zen Butterfly Dazzles™ Sticker onto the center. Using the corner of a Cosmetic Sponge, I dabbed some Cranberry Alcohol Ink onto the openings on the butterfly wings. This project took about 10 minutes to make, (No kidding!) I can make a set of 3, using different colors of Alcohol Ink, and use them to store this & that in my craft space or use it as a vase!


Why not continue my love of jars onto cards? I stamped a jar from the Well Preserved Stamp Set onto Acetate the using Black StazOn® Ink Pad, and then used Silver Linen Paper for the lid.

I used Waffle Flower Crafts Succulent Stamp and Cutting Die Set and the Black StazOn® Ink Pad to stamp and die-cut succulents from both Lavender and Emerald Glimmer papers. I also used purple and green ink pads and stamped succulents on white cardstock. Add some sparkle with a little glitter and sequins from the Mixed Berry Sequin Tin.

To continue my Mason Jar theme…Iris Folding! This Iris Folding #2 Template makes Iris Folding a snap! (Sorry Home Grown Paper Pack is sold out, but out substitute Picnic Paper Pack)

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you found something to inspire you to use some jars in your crafting.

Happy crafting,

LeNae Gerig

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We Have A Winner!

Hi Everyone! Our National Scrabooking Day Challenge had ended, and we’ve gone over all of the entries received. It was not an easy choice, with so many great pages to chose from, but in the end, there can only be one winner.

And the designer of the winning scrapbook page is….Daria Sikorski!

Congratulations Daria! We loved your paper choice, use of Dazzles™ stickers, photo technique and the subtle changes you made in the layout to make it your own. And how sweet to honor your daughters in this way! I will be contacting you shortly. Here is a look at Daria’s entry page:

Designed by Daria Sikorski

Also a big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our NSD Sketch Challenge! We love seeing so many creative scrapookers sharing their work and their lives with us!

There is a new blog post today featuring the Seaside Paper Collection. Check it out!

LeNae Gerig

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Seashells By The Seaside

Paper Wishes is located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and is a short drive from the Oregon coast. Collecting seashells is a part of growing up here and it’s the inspiration behind our nautical themed Seaside Collection.

This beachy card features Seaside Papers and Ribbons, Build A Banner TemplateSeashells Dazzles™ stickers and a stained glass technique using Stickles™ Glitter Glues, Acetate and the Texture Shells Cutting Die.

To make your own stained glass, glue the brown cardstock Texture Shells Die-Cut on Acetate and cut out.

Turn the shells die-cut over and squeeze Jade, Sea Spray and Sunflower Stickles™ onto the Acetate covering the back.

Before the glitter glue dries, smooth it out using your fingertips so that the glitter dries flat.

Once dry, turn the die-cut over and glue to the bottom edge of the card. You can also use this stained glass technique using Seashells Dazzles™ stickers.


The Texture Shells Cutting Die is very versatile and can be used to create very different looks. For this metallic gold and blue card I used Gold Ripple Holographic Paper, Seaside Paper Pack, Party Time Sequin Tin, Gold Glitter Happy Birthday Greetings Dazzles™ stickers and Gold Velvet Glitter Ribbon.

To make the seashell border I die cut 2 Texture Shells from Gold Ripple Holographic paper and trimmed one end of one die-cut so that is would nest next to the other die-cut a little more closely. Don’t forget to add sequins! I found that a little glue stick is enough to hold them firmly to the card.

These amazing scrapbook pages, created by Debbie, are just filled with nautical themed must-have items! Seaside Paper Pack, Seaside Ribbon Set, Seashells Cutting Dies, Mermaid Dazzles™ stickers and Seashells Dazzles™ stickers. Debbie added gold elements with Hammered Gold paper and our new fabulous Words Foiled Fancies™!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you feel inspired to make something wonderful! Happy crafting!

LeNae Gerig

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Paper Wishes Blog Scrapbooking Sketch Contest

Hi everyone! You could win $25.00! Check below for our Paper Wishes Blog Sketch Contest to celebrate National Scrapbooking Day on Saturday, May 6th! You have the whole weekend to get your scrapbook page completed, following our sketch, and post a photo of your page on our comments section BY MONDAY, MAY 8TH.  Don’t forget to feature Paper Wishes items. We can’t wait to see your pages!


Remember your page must be uploaded to the Paper Wishes Blog Comments by Monday, May 8th (12:00 am Pacific Standard Time). We will select the winner of a $25.00 Paper Wishes Gift Certificate on Tuesday,  May 9th, and announce here on the Paper Wishes Blog, the Inspired Newsletter (emailed to over 125,000 people) and on Facebook. Good luck and happy scrapping!

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