Customer comments

Written by Cathy on August 24, 2014:
Love the foil papier tole this month, 2 of them! Also love the peacock paper. The texture is fabulous. I look forward to getting the coordinating papers when they are available.
Written by Katherine Clark on July 26, 2014:
Beautiful paper tole kit this month. Love the cheerfulness of the projects. Loved the sparkly papers used.
Written by Catherine on June 24, 2014:
I showed the June kit to my friend who is an amateur photographer, she loved the camera papier tole. The holographic paper is such a nice suprise! This set will be perfect for making masculine Christmas cards!
Written by amelia cusumano on March 30, 2014:
Nice kit this month....made all the cards.
Written by Annette on March 26, 2014:
The hot air balloon, being a big trend right now, was my absolute favorite ever. Thank you!
Written by christine on March 5, 2014:
i live the paper tole kits..................this is my second one and i can hardly wait to get started with it.....any possibility we could get it every month????
Written by Cathy on March 2, 2014:
The "Greetings" paper tole is fun, it has a vintage look, you can use it for birthday or vacation cards.
Written by Callie Moyer on February 1, 2014:
Love the paper tole. It is a new craft for me, but very addicting, lol. I am looking forward to the next kit. Callie
Written by christine Elves on January 10, 2014:
i love the paper tole.............and today i picked up my VIP gift from wonderful........i love card making and almost always have your webisodes playing as i am card much fun and inspiration.....lots of ideas.......thank you so much........
Written by LindaH on December 26, 2013:
Received this on Christmas Eve and it was a beautiful surprise! I love, love, love the papier tole in this kit!
Written by Patti Jo on November 18, 2013:
Once you start you can't stop. It is like your making a flower grow peddle by peddle and before you know it, it has become your master piece. Paper tole is addicting!
Written by LindaH61 on May 10, 2013:
This month the Papier Tole is just so fun! I made each of the projects and had so many supplies left over, I made 2 more cards and a scrapbook page.
Written by Catherine on May 4, 2013:
I love the paper you included with the Papier Tole. I have previously purchased the Red Velvet Artful Card Kit and I love having additional paper and the Red Flower Papier Tool to add to the project ideas that I will make.
Written by Ros Smith on February 27, 2013:
over time, it did bring new ideas or skills with the paper tole. It is beautifully designed, I just wanted more.
Written by Sue Stone on February 24, 2013:
Love these kits. I used many of them to make valentines for nursing homes.
Written by Sherry on October 25, 2012:
Thanks for the beautiful paper tole. Can't wait to see the new paper packs.
Written by Linda on June 5, 2012:
I often refer to the monthly video on the subscription page to see the projects. Maybe remind others they can do that?
Written by Lynee on April 26, 2012:
I love 3D paper tole,I wish you could get it every month like other kits,since I use them alot when making my greeting cards and get lots of complaments on them.
Written by Jean Holder on April 3, 2012:
Are you going to put flowers in the kits - like the beautiful ones you introduced in 2011 such as the 3D from Reddy Creative Cards? I make cards and the reaction from these is over the top. People love them maybe because they are so beautiful. They become keepsakes. Thanks for the kits - love what you do Jean
Written by Lynne Neumann on January 27, 2012:
It's hard to say how much I love these in a few words. These always make your creations look wonderful. You get them first, before they go on sale in the catalog. I just love being able to use something before the rest of the crowd. What fun.