Customer comments

Written by Kim on February 27, 2015:
Been waiting to get these stamps ever since I saw them on the wow in January!! They are great!! Thank you for such fun high quality items.
Written by connie delucchi on January 17, 2015:
The flowers are fab with the matching dies. I just made all kinds of flowers. I always mean to write a comment but end up forgetting, so I'll just add that I loved the way Debbie made the leaf die into a rose bud
Written by Jan on November 15, 2014:
I love the Snow Friends stamp set I received. Will have so much fun stamping with it. I have never had Janie's stamps but sure looking forward to more of them. Next months look so cute too. Thank you.
Written by Debby Noel on August 10, 2014:
Have just started to play with it but am really liking the flower stems and making a more distressed look of it. Thanks
Written by Cynthia on July 8, 2014:
I read that it's going monthly! I look forward to adding the new stamp sets to my collection. More ideas on how to combine with PS dies would be wonderful to jump-start more creative projects. I'm already combining the small stamps with previous die kits.
Written by connie delucchi on June 2, 2014:
Hi, I love all the girl stamps but I have nine grandson's of varies ages and I would love to have some boy stamps especially by Janie
Written by connie delucchi on February 19, 2014:
The little girls are wonderful. I've used than a lot and even bought a set for a friend.
Written by sonal on January 16, 2014:
I loved these stamps . I m not disappointed at all for being a member of personal shopper stamps only. Please keep these unique stamps coming
Written by Judy on January 9, 2014:
These stamps are SO cute, and very fun to color.
Written by Susan Harrington on November 20, 2013:
This style of stamp as with the Christmas Cheer makes my cards look fantastic! Very nice stamps, great designs.
Written by Judy on October 3, 2013:
The Simply Susan stamp set is my favorite so far. The only thing that could make it better would be if you made a stamp of that beautiful peacock (Pretty please!!!). He just begs to be stamped and colored.
Written by Connie DeLucchi on September 7, 2013:
I love the teeny tiny butterflies.
Written by Kathleen Gillenwater on July 19, 2013:
This was my first stamp set. Looking forward to the next one!
Written by Candy Thompson on June 18, 2013:
I really look forward to my shopper stamps. The idea sheets gets my creative juices flowing.
Written by Lyn on June 1, 2013:
I have found many uses for the Seredipity Flowers. I love embossing them, and using my spectrum noir, and fussy cutting. Yummy! Lyn
Written by Sherry on May 6, 2013:
The Serendipity Flower Stamps were on my wish list. Thank you!
Written by Judy on March 10, 2013:
When I saw this stamp set in the previous newsletter, I didn't think I would like it, then I saw it on a webisode and thought, "Maybe it will be OK." Then I got it and the newsletter and I LOVE it! This is such a versatile set. I love how you can stack the elements to make something completely different. I think I'll be playing with this one for quite a while.
Written by carol on February 28, 2013:
I look forward to the gift of crafts in the mail and this is always a great pleasure.
Written by Debby Noel on January 29, 2013:
I am so excited to be able to receive the Personal Shopper packs again. The Flower Silouettes is a great set of stamps. Not only can I scrap-lift from what you have but am playing with embossing the smaller flowers, Using the Distress Embossing powders they really look great. Thanks again for the great set and for the info that the Heart to Heart stamps will not be on the list. And, then you made them so cheap or course I cannot pass them up. Thanks again for all the fun. Debby Noel
Written by Barb on January 9, 2013:
I always love the stamps!! They are so versatile to use with many projects, including home decor!
Written by gloria on December 17, 2012:
I am so happy that I did join this club. I can't wait to receive the next one. I always look forward to seeing what kind of stamps & designs I can create for my cards, thank you so much!
Written by Pearl on September 27, 2012:
Love, love, love my stamps!
Written by Melany Wenneker on September 26, 2012:
I absolutely love the "mason" jar and frilly material looking decoration to put around the lid! The labels are really neat also and all the's all great! Thank you.
Written by Jackie on August 10, 2012:
We can always use trees, especially for all seasons. You have the best stuff here!!
Written by Maggie on August 7, 2012:
Love getting new stamps every other month. Sometimes I wish it was every month!
Written by Vicki on July 11, 2012:
Last month, I join the PW Family of stamps. I'm also receiving the Dazzles and Cardmaking Kits. I love them all! The stamps are very good quality, and this months Stamps of the Trees are wonderful. I've done one card with the tree and swing. Love it! Turned out betterr than I thought I could do! Thanks PW, Vicki
Written by Vicki on June 25, 2012:
Received my first PS Stamps Only! And I made a card right away! Love the stamps set...wish I would of ordered them sooner. The card turned out stunning! Thank You PW for a wonderful product. I love all my kits I receive every month! Vicki
Written by Pearl on May 25, 2012:
Love it! Love it! Love it.
Written by Judy Headrick on May 18, 2012:
Of all of the stamp sets I've received so far, this one is my favorite! There is such a variety of flowers and foliage, it really gives me the freedom to explore a wide variety of possibilities.
Written by Melany Wenneker on May 6, 2012:
I really appreciate the opportunity you give us to respond towards each months stamp set as well as the other clubs (ie: templates, etc.) Thank you for including extras with our stamp set, such as the papers and the idea sheets. It's always nice to get extras.
Written by Trudy Pettibone on May 6, 2012:
The Birthday stamps last time were fantabulous! Is there any chance of getting a similar set for Thank Yous or one for Anniversary's or romance?
Written by gloria on April 5, 2012:
first of all, thank you for sending me my first kit,love it, love it!! already made a card using your idea and can't wait to make more. love that i can log on and see a demo besides reading the flyer/instruction sheet. looking forward in receiving my next one. i have been stamping for 2 yrs. but haven't really gotten into it as much as the other techniques. want to learn as much as i can using stamps. thank you once again.
Written by pat donalson on March 16, 2012:
stamps came just in time as I was making several birthday cards - great assortment
Written by maryy hattom on February 4, 2012:
Written by cher purvis on January 10, 2012:
These are wonderful..Plan to use them to make book marks for my friends at the bookstore where I work and for my two friends overseas.
Written by pat donalson on January 10, 2012:
love the victorian look so these will work well
Written by barbara wollenhaupt on November 12, 2011:
i love the fact the these stamps are so usable instead of just pretty fluff. that drove me out of another stamp club. i like words or phrases and such.
Written by pat donalson on November 8, 2011:
Mon a friend's husband emailed that he was a month late in telling me his wife wants 25 Christmas cards so the stamp set sure came in handy. Use it on several cards already.
Written by pat donalson on October 27, 2011:
Love a vintage look. The stamps were also a perfect size for atcs which I do a lot. Looking forward to further kits
Written by Joyce McNealy on September 17, 2011:
I have never been disappointed with any of your kits. They are just lovely. My only problem is finding the time to create with all of them.
Written by Rosemarie Rohlfs on August 21, 2011:
this is my first stamps only kit and it is great. can't wait to start stamping
Written by Dorel on August 20, 2011:
Thank you for the helpful tips.
Written by Chianna on July 28, 2011:
This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for wiirtng!
Written by Debby on May 9, 2011:
I have waited for this for several months. I'm starting using some of Tim holtz items and this will work with it. Thanks so much for the perfect stamps that are really unique.
Written by Melany on May 9, 2011:
I always like the different birthday stamps and this one was really nice with the balloons and all the accessories.
Written by Jillian on May 9, 2011:
Great set. Really love the detail on all the stamps. So excited to begin using it on my scrapbook pages.
Written by RoseAnna on May 9, 2011:
I love the stamp kits!! They are awesome!!
Written by Linda on May 9, 2011:
I'm extremely happy with the Personal Shoppers Kit for Stamps. I have enjoyed it so much that I signed up for the Templates Plus Personal Shopper Kit today. I'm contemplating joining Card Makers Kit PS as well. You do a great job with your products and I am very happy with all I have received.
Written by Rosemary on May 9, 2011:
I really liked having more masculine stamps for cards for the men in my life. It is like having an endless supply of "stickers" and I can make them any colors I like.
Written by Dolores on May 9, 2011:
I loved this stamp set. I forget alot of times to look at the steal and deals on here or in the ideal book, because of much interest in the ideals.....bummer isn't it?
Written by Michelle on May 9, 2011:
This is my first stamp kit and can't wait for more.
Written by Joyce on May 9, 2011:
I look forward to receiving my kits. They are so cute and I just love creating cards and other gifts with them.
Written by Sassy on May 9, 2011:
I absolutely loved the first stamp set I received and have many ideas already to use them!