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StrongARM™ Punch Helper


StrongARM™ Punch Helper

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Punching made easy! Ever struggle to get enough weight and power behind your punches? This innovative tool from our friends at McGill makes it easy—and relieves strain on your hands, wrists and shoulders. Your StrongARM™ Punch Helper is perfect for repetitive punching, as the cushioned handle provides extra leverage so you can punch with ease. Simply place your punch on the tool base and press the handle. Works with most punch sizes and increases the life of your punches too!

Part number: 4001419

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Customer comments

Comment SO happy to have this! I needed to punch a few hundred small crosses with a button type punch and knew it would be impossible without the strong arm.......it was a life saver! Thanks!
Submitted Wednesday, November 20th @ 06:38 AM

Comment This punch helper is a great product. I have quite a few older punches which were always very difficult to punch through even 1 thickness of card stock. Now, this is much easier. I do wish it came with a non-slip bottom and a non-slip area when the punch sits (the one I need help with). I will have to find something to put under it to keep it from slipping when I use it. It's larger than I had anticipated, so I won't be leaving it on my work surface full-time. I highly recommend this product.
Submitted Saturday, January 26th @ 08:28 AM

Comment Wow, love the "strong arm" to help my girlfriend when we do cards together.....but found that I have enjoyed using it too. I put down the grip paper that you use in lining your cupboards and it doesn't slip at all. Thanks for having this product.
Submitted Monday, October 15th @ 08:50 AM

Comment Love this Strong Arm punch...I have a bunch of punches I couldn't use as much as I wanted, because it was too hard to punch. This helps sooo much!
Submitted Friday, January 27th @ 08:21 PM

Comment I am using my Strong Arm with punches other than flat top ones (ie. the EK Success butterfly with three settings) that are sometimes difficult to completely cut. I use a piece of non-skid grip liner (sold in rolls for shelving and placemats) under the punches so they won't slip. Also works great for those punches that do a few items at a time (tiny flowers). The other card ladies who come here for classes (some with arthritis) enjoy this tool too. Couldn't believe how quickly this came in the mail. Great tool.
Submitted Wednesday, January 25th @ 08:28 AM

Comment This particular tool is nice for punches with a singular image. I tried it on a punch that had 3 different size tags and sometimes it worked, other times not. But seeing as how I bought it for my Mother-in-law to use on her punches, it seems to work fairly nicely esp. if you have problems with your wrist.
Submitted Thursday, January 12th @ 08:00 AM

Comment I love "strong arm" and have been looking for something like this for a long time. I did glue an "easy liner" as I was having trouble with my punches sliding around on the base of it. That worked great! I would recommend this for anyone who uses punches!
Submitted Monday, July 5th @ 08:44 AM

Comment I had some punches that I could never get to work properly but now with the Strong Arm they work perfectly every time. I wish I'd bought one of these a long time ago.
Submitted Monday, June 28th @ 09:21 AM

Comment AWESOME.......and finally my McGill punches work like a breeze...EVERYONE should have one of these.
Submitted Friday, June 11th @ 10:14 AM

Comment Seems sturdy enough. Been searching for this item for some time so happy to have found it.
Submitted Friday, February 5th @ 09:24 AM

Comment I had looked all over for this tool and was thrilled to see you carried it. I have arthritis in my hands and it is getting more difficult to use my punches. But this prodct works like a charm. Thank you!
Submitted Tuesday, November 17th @ 06:15 AM

Comment I have heard a lot about the Strong Arm and was hesitant about buying it. After reading the other comments I decided to send for it. I have Fibromyalgia in my hands and was very difficult to use the bigger punches. I Love it! I do agree with adding a piece of sticky back foam to the surface the punch sits on. I used to have to have my hubby use the bigger punches for me or put them on the floor and step on them. I don't think this is good for the punches! I would recommend it to anyone! Thanks for saving my hands and my punches!
Submitted Thursday, October 29th @ 07:20 AM

Comment The strong arm is a dream come true. I have really bad hands and carpunel tunnel, however, with the strong arm it makes my scrapbooking easier. I like Mary idea about putting something to help it not slip is wonderful, I plan on utlizing her idea. The strong arm is well worth it.
Submitted Friday, October 16th @ 08:28 AM

Comment Mcgill has a wonderful tool called STRONG ARM punch helper #4001419 and Paperwishes does sell it. I have bought it and I love, love, love it. I have arthritis and was unable to use a lot of my button punches(small and large) and especially my much larger punches. It does have a very small issue which is that the base of it has a hard plastic surface where the punches sits. I noticed the first time I did use it the handle and base had a tendency to be slippery. Before I bought the strong arm I read the comments on it and they did state they had the same issue I experienced. I applied a piece of an adhesive backed craft foam sheet and like magic no more slipping. It seemed even more stronger than before. I am not sure why mcgill doesnt put on the foam themselves since it makes a big difference and will even improve the life of their Strong Arm. Paper wishes is the only place I have found this.
Submitted Monday, September 28th @ 12:59 PM

Comment The Strong-Arm Punch Helper makes short work of those button punches where you have to repeatedly punch many of the same shape, over and over. The bigger the punch, the better this extra leverage works! I agree with Terri that a simple square of thin rubber sheeting glued under where the punches are placed helps with the smaller punches.
Submitted Thursday, May 14th @ 01:43 AM

Comment I really love having the StrongARM punch, for I was having a hard time getting some of my punches punched, and this has helped me a hole bunch.
Submitted Monday, April 13th @ 01:50 PM

Comment I purchased the "Strong Arm" for my self as I have no strength in my hands and when using a punch it is really hard this really makes it very easy. The only thing that I find with it is that it needs to have a non skid surface where you place the Punch as it is very slippery and hard to hold the punch in place and cut. Other than that it is really a cool item.
Submitted Monday, April 13th @ 09:05 AM

Comment This is a dream come true. I do scrapbooks and use alot of punches, I used it one evening and my hands did not hurt after. I recommend it for any one, it helps alot!
Submitted Saturday, February 28th @ 08:52 AM

Comment I bought the "strong arm" especially for my Mother to use. (She's 81, & us crafter's begin to wear out joints, as we age.) The strong arm is great & a hugh help to her, especially with the small punches, that are the hardest to use! However I just brought it home today to see if I can apply some kind of non slip material to the base, where you sit the punch, as it is extremely slippery & some punches just will not stay on the slick surface. She was anxious for me to get it fixed & back to her so she can try it with the anti-slip material on the base. Even with this problem I still think it is well worth the investment.
Submitted Friday, February 27th @ 05:50 PM