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Ribbon Ring Starter Set


Ribbon Ring Starter Set

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Tame your ribbon! This versatile organizing innovation from Chicory Chic is a must-have for crafters who want to untangle that ribbon stash. The Ribbon Ring keeps your ribbons (up to 1 1/8 wide) organized, easy to see and even easier to access. Set includes one 2 metal ring and 30 tags which can hold multiple ribbons. Simply slide your ribbons through the slots on the tag, then add the tag to the binding ring. Hang from a peg or hook for easy access to your ribbons. We love how this system keeps ribbons clean, unwrinkled and ready to go for our next creative project!

Part number: 4001957

We are sorry, but this item is no longer available.


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Customer comments

Comment I love organizing my ribbons, now I can see what I have and can match the ribbon to my project.
Submitted Wednesday, March 27th @ 07:13 PM

Comment I'm so glad to find this product here! I have finished organizing ten years' of ribbon collecting into one place. It holds every ribbon I've purchased and I can find everything.
Love this! 5 stars!
Submitted Tuesday, October 9th @ 12:16 PM

Comment This little ring and the holders included are amazing! They got my large collection of single ribbons organized and hanging in no time flat. and because I hung it on an outside wall of my craft armoire, they take up hardly any room but are very accessible.
Submitted Friday, February 3rd @ 06:09 PM

Comment The ribbon ring makes choosing and storing my ribbons a breeze. I like that it is so handy. If I store ribbon in a box, I never think to get it out to use it.
Thanks for a great product.
Submitted Monday, August 2nd @ 10:51 AM

Comment This ribbon storage is great. Easy to use, doesn't take up much space and holds lots of ribbons!
Submitted Monday, July 19th @ 05:40 AM

Comment I purchased the Ribbon Ring Starter Kit and I absolutely love it. It is so convenient to access all of my ribbon. I love this product. Before I had the ribbon ring, all of my ribbon was stored away in a drawer and forgotten about. Now it is hanging right at my craft station and I can easily see all of my available ribbon. Great price too!!
Submitted Wednesday, May 12th @ 09:56 AM

Comment I initially ordered 3 ribbon rings and promptly filled them up with my messy ribbon stash. I ordered 3 more and now have all my ribbons organized by basic color and type. I love the multicolor look as they hang below a storage shelf and I can now instantly find the ribbon I'm looking for. Great product!
Submitted Friday, March 5th @ 07:08 PM

Comment These ribbon rings are awesome! I ordered a set and before long I had most of my ribbon organized. I love color grouping the ribbon. You can grab a ring, take it right to your project and lay it out on top to find the right match in a snap! I just received my second set as I had a bit more ribbon than I thought and I can't wait to get the rest of my ribbon organized. I took one of my rings to work to show my fellow scrapbooking friends and they loved it so much that I ordered a set for each of them as well. Definitely worth the money!!
Submitted Friday, March 5th @ 12:19 PM

Comment These ribbon holders are the best thing since sliced bread. It looks like a rainbow hanging there. It took hours to thread all of my ribbon but the results are fabulous. Well worth the price. 5 stars!
Submitted Thursday, February 4th @ 09:23 PM

Comment I was thrilled when I got this in the mail. I didn't realize how much ribbon I had until I started putting them on the organizer. This is a GREAT system I love how the ribbon are all in one ring ( or 3 rings in my case haha) and you can see what you have at your finger tips. It looks great hanging by my table too.I give this a 5* !! A must have if you have a ribbons in your stash!! And for the price it is well worth it !!!!
Submitted Tuesday, September 15th @ 06:55 AM

Comment As soon as the ribbon ring arrived, I started filling it. It is so handy, and a person knows at a glance what will work with their project. Even though I have to hide the ribbons [ my cats think ribbons are their toys] I can still easily find the ribbons I want. Thanks for such a handy product... good price also...
Submitted Thursday, June 11th @ 10:50 AM

Comment I'm so glad to see you are carrying the Ribbon Ring. I love this product. I have converted all my loose ribbons and samples of my spools onto Ribbon Rings. I have them hanging in my craft room and it is so easy to see what I have (and just plain fun to look at). When I travel to a crop, I just stuff them into a photo supply case (or where ever I have some extra space in a crop bag) and away I go. Then I just hang them from my little cup holder next to me and all my ribbon is easily accessable. The best part is your price. Awesome!!
Submitted Monday, June 1st @ 09:49 AM