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Envelope Punch Board


Envelope Punch Board

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Make your own envelopes easily! Now it’s easy to create custom envelopes in over 60 different sizes with any size paper. By eliminating the need to trim and measure the paper multiple times, the Envelope Punch Board is the easiest-to-use envelope maker in the industry. Perfect for card making, or for adding tags and journaling to scrapbook pages.

To use the Envelope Punch Board, simply select the envelope size, trim the paper once, and follow the grid printed on the board to punch the envelope notches. Then score and fold the envelope using the included bone folder, conveniently stored on the Envelope Punch Board itself. For an extra touch, round each corner of the envelope using the second punch located on the tool. Easy and fun, you can make envelopes from patterned or plain papers or cardstock, all to match your designs!

Part number: 4006632

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Customer comments

Comment Greetings Everyone!
Thanks first to We-r Memory Keepers for all their delightful
products. They help my craft designs shine!
Lastly, thanks to PW for featuring a few similar items,so,
that we customers have a choice in out future craft products.
Also, I just ,now ,ordered the "Envelope Punch Board" which sounds to good to be true! Although, thanks to all of your fun and informative comments which "Sold" me on the product!

Happy Spring and Keep On Crafting!
Submitted Wednesday, March 5th @ 09:23 PM

Comment This is a wonderful product. I can now make all different sized envelopes without having to do a lot a measuring. It is so easy to use that my six year old granddaughter was using it on her own once I showed her how to line up the first punch.
Submitted Wednesday, March 5th @ 07:11 AM

Comment I recently purchased the envelope punchboard. Wow! It is amazing and so easy to use. I had made a card of an unusual size, looked up the measurements on the chart and made a perfect envelope the first time. I highly recommend this product!
Submitted Thursday, February 27th @ 06:42 PM

Comment Love this product. Great for making envelopes for Hunky Dory cards, as they are often larger than standard card envelopes. I also enjoy using patterned paper. Just made an anniversary card for my daughter and husband and was able to make an envelope made of paper with words about love. Have the gift bag punch board
Submitted Tuesday, February 25th @ 10:10 AM

Comment I LOVE LOVE LOVE my envelope maker. In fact I would rather make the envelopes now, than the cards!!!!!!! EVERY card maker needs one of these, never buy envelopes again!!!
Submitted Sunday, January 5th @ 04:27 PM

Comment Just beat all my expectations.....I had looked at a few options on the market but so delighted I went with this from you.......very busy success output.
Submitted Thursday, January 2nd @ 08:42 AM

Comment Just love this product. Making envelopes that really match my cards will be so easy. The board is compact and very easy to use.
Submitted Monday, November 18th @ 07:54 PM

Comment So easy to use. Now I can make all my own envelopes for my cards.
Submitted Monday, October 21st @ 03:01 PM

Comment This little tool is, quite simply, PURE GENIUS! I am crazy-mad for this thing; it makes stellar envelopes but it's also just plain fun to use! Also, the price is incredible for such a cool little tool!

Two drawbacks: This tool lacks the capacity to make dimensional envelopes. I read on a cardmaking forum that WRMK advises to just bump up a size for dimensional cards; i.e., instead of making an envelope for a 5" x 7", make an envelope for a 5.5" x 7.5". This does work, and it's not even always necessary - I often just loosely adhere the parts of the envelope so that they form more of a rounded "pocket" than the standard flat one. Not a biggie; I just prefer a true dimensional envelope because I think they look better and also offer a bit more protection for all of my hard work!

The second drawback is the size of the tool. Since I make A-7 cards almost exclusively, the small size is an annoyance to me, since on two sides of each envelope I run out of board before I run out of paper: there is no way to score all the way to the edge of the paper, so I score until the board runs out, then fold along the partial score, and then I use the fold line to line up the next side rather than the score line. It's slightly annoying that I have to make sure to stop the scorer before the edge of the board or my paper will get wrinkled or torn.

Anyway, the previous two paragraphs do not outweigh the first; I still love this tool and think it is ABSOLUTELY a must-have for someone who makes a lot of cards. : )
Submitted Sunday, October 13th @ 04:55 PM

Comment awesome punch, can make any size envelope in no time
Submitted Thursday, September 19th @ 06:23 AM

Comment Its so easy to use, no guess work, better than the other envelope maker I have.
Submitted Wednesday, September 18th @ 08:25 AM

Comment Saw a demo. Wasn't sure. Kept seeing more crafters using it. Bought it and I love it!!! You can make file folders with this.
Submitted Friday, September 6th @ 09:37 AM

Submitted Monday, August 5th @ 06:27 AM

Comment A must have for cardmakers! I have 3 "envelope makers" and this is the "one" to buy. It has many more sizes than the regular ones. It has all of those odd sizes which you cannot purchase in the store. I like to make all sizes of cards, so this is the "envelope maker" to buy!!
Submitted Thursday, July 18th @ 09:54 AM

Comment I love this. It is so easy to use. They include a metric guide which wonderful as sometimes it is needed. This is a genius. I have a different envelope maker and a attachment that came with my scoring board, this is by far the most easy and convenient envelope tool, I have used.
Submitted Wednesday, July 17th @ 11:35 AM

Comment Love it. It is simple and I am never stumped on envelope size now. Highly reccomend it.
Submitted Wednesday, July 10th @ 08:20 AM

Comment Great addition to my paper crafting. Making envelopes has never been easier.
Submitted Friday, June 21st @ 10:10 AM

Comment I have 2 other envelope makers. I really like them but they're a bit too big for my work area. I use my one all the time but some times its just too big. I really like the size of the envelope punch board and the ease of use. I will always be glad that I have my other 2 but I can take this one with me. I can take this one with me on vacation or to a friend's house with out feeling like I'm bringing half my work room with me.
Submitted Wednesday, June 19th @ 12:16 PM

Comment Love this product. So easy to use and the finished product is professional. This item takes the guess work out of any size envelope you may need.
Submitted Wednesday, June 19th @ 11:57 AM