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3 Sets of Ribbon Rings


3 Sets of Ribbon Rings

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Tame your ribbon—and save! This versatile organizing innovation from Ribbon Ring is a must-have for crafters who want to untangle that ribbon stash. The Ribbon Ring keeps your ribbons (up to 1 1/8” wide) organized, easy to see and even easier to access. This special offer includes three 2” metal rings and 90 tags which can hold multiple ribbons. Simply slide your ribbons through the slots on the tag, then add the tag to the binding ring. Hang from a peg or hook for easy access to your ribbons. We love how this system keeps ribbons clean, unwrinkled and ready to go for our next creative project!

Part number: 4009846

We are sorry, but this item is no longer available.


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Customer comments

Comment Greetings Crafters!

Thanks to everyone for your comments on the 3 Sets of Ribbon
rings! I agree with all of your comments and I will add that the designer of this product adds a small length of black grossgrain ribbon threaded through one of the plastic cards to demonstrate how it's done. Sticky dots are, also, included to alert the crafter of their inventory amounts of ribbon. Good price point, as well!
Submitted Monday, April 15th @ 08:05 PM

Comment I ordered a set for myself and my daughter. My daughter went home and started putting her ribbon on the holders. She found out she is in need of more.
I have not had a chance to sort my ribbon out yet.
Submitted Monday, June 11th @ 06:13 AM

Comment Great storage idea!!! I always 'regroup' everything I have at the first of the year and this was a great solution for organizing and storing ribbons that were stashed everywhere! Very simple to use and I really like being able to see everything at a glance. Would recommend this to anyone wanting to organize their ribbon.
Submitted Thursday, January 19th @ 07:29 PM

I love the ribbon ring. They're easy to use and saves space as well, plus you can see the ribbons and know what you have.
Submitted Tuesday, July 27th @ 04:30 PM

Comment Great idea. I was so tired of opening a new spool of ribbin & then it unwinded, getting tangled with all the other ribbins on the pole. Took a bit of time to get orginized but i had a lot of spools. Now i can just grab a few different ones, lay it on the project, pick one that looks best & not have to put the ribbin back on the spool.
Submitted Friday, January 22nd @ 06:21 AM

Comment Fantastic product! I've tried several diffferent ribbon storage systems over the years and this has them all beat!
Submitted Monday, December 21st @ 04:23 PM

Comment These items are the best invention since salt & pepper. When I received my first set I put it away for a long time then figured I would try it for a while. Wow!! It makes it so easy to see what you have and use it because its right there. I'm ordering my second set now to put the Christmas ribbons on.Thanks!!!!
Submitted Thursday, December 10th @ 04:02 PM

Comment This is a wonderful item!!! I have ordered my second set today and am going to take my ribbon stash out of the organized box and putting them on these rings. They are not only easier to organize but also easier to see!!
This is Great!!!
Submitted Thursday, November 12th @ 04:09 PM

Comment I thought I would give this a try. It is easy to insert your ribbons.....it makes them display nicely....can be attached to a rod, hang over a chair, or lay on a table. I have condensed three bins of ribbons with one set of ribbon rings.
Submitted Tuesday, October 27th @ 10:02 AM

Comment For years my ribbons have been a terrible, tangled mess! When I got my order with the set of 3 rings, I put most of my ribbons on these cards & was thrilled with the result. Best thing is that NOW each time I reach for ribbon it's always nice & neat with no hunting for a certain color.
Submitted Saturday, September 26th @ 11:31 AM

Comment My friend & I just got one set and shared it! It is the best thing I've tried yet! She had more ribbon than I but now I wish I would have bought two! All those boxes & containers with holes in them are nothing compared to this! We love it and are going to order another one soon!!!
Submitted Thursday, September 24th @ 05:34 PM

Comment This has got to be one of the best organizers for ribbon that I found!!! Well worth the money! And it looks nice hanging off the side of my shelf. You can organize how-ever you want to, by color,which ones you use the most or by manufacture.It also holds ALOT of ribbon. Some narrow ones you can put 2 or 3 on one tab. This is well worth the money!!I luv it!!
Submitted Monday, September 21st @ 06:23 AM

Comment This product is terrific! In a few hours time I was able to untangle a huge ribbon mess, free up shelf space full of boxes, and have all my ribbon sorted by color and themes. Best organizer item I've found in a long time!
Submitted Thursday, July 2nd @ 06:04 AM