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Paper Pillow Box w Window


Paper Pillow Box w Window

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Customize these neat boxes! These boxes were made as packaging but now can be yours for customizing! The sky is the limit with these pillow boxes, perfect for wedding favors, party favors, gifts and more! Cover the boxes with paper or spray paint to make them your own at unbelievable savings! Assembled boxes measure 4x5.

For best results: We used darker shades of paper 60#, 80# and cardstocks. Lighter weight papers or even lighter shades such as light pink, light yellow and other soft-tints will reveal the writing beneath. To ensure best coverage use thicker stock or darker hues like purples, reds, blues, then embellish and add ribbons to create the perfect little pocket box!

Part number: 4012536

We are sorry, but this item is no longer available.


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