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All 12 Spectrum Noir Pen Sets
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Click here to see supply list and instructions for this project.
Project Instructions
Click here to see supply list and instructions for this project.
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All 12 Spectrum Noir Pen Sets

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Save on Alcohol pens! Now you can color your stamped and printed images easily and professionally with the Spectrum Noir pens. Because they're transparent alcohol-based inks, it's easy to blend from lights to darks without overlap marks. And they're designed in shades of each color so you know just which pens work together. These pens from Crafter's Companion feature a chisel nib on one end to fill in large areas and a fine point on the other for all those details. And the pens are refillable, so you never have to purchase the pens more than once! You'll love the versatility and the colors! And you'll love the savings when you purchase the whole collection!

Collection includes:
• Essentials Spectrum Noir Pen Set (link)
• Greens Spectrum Noir Pen Set (link)
• Reds Spectrum Noir Pen Set (link)
• Pinks Spectrum Noir Pen Set (link)
• Yellows Spectrum Noir Pen Set (link)
• Skin Tones Spectrum Noir Pen Set (link)
• Purples Spectrum Noir Pen Set (link)
• Browns Spectrum Noir Pen Set (link)
• Turquoises Spectrum Noir Pen Set (link)
• Cool Greys Spectrum Noir Pen Set (link)
• Blues Spectrum Noir Pen Set (link)
• Warm Greys Spectrum Noir Pen Set (link)

Part number: 5009999

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Customer comments

Comment I really like these markers. Having all of the colors is a plus. The only drawback I have found is I am 58 years old, and the tops are very difficult to remove. I am currently trying out different ways to accomplish this task. otherwise I do enjoy using them.
Submitted Wednesday, May 7th @ 02:50 PM

Comment My sets of colors came. I used them immediately on my Easter cards. Then, I practiced with some paper doll stamps that I have. I found you-tube channels with lots of how-to videos for this brand. If it's alcohol ink the techniques work the same. I can't wait to do some bigger images.
Submitted Friday, March 28th @ 08:53 PM

Comment The Spectrum Noir pens are excellent I cannot believe how easy they are to use and how smoothly they colour.
Submitted Wednesday, January 29th @ 03:10 AM

Comment Love these markers! Bonus---they are refillable too! Just before I ordered the Spectrum Noir I tried to order a set of the Copic markers. Fortunately, they would not ship to Canada due to their regulations on items. I was disappointed at first, but glad because I discovered the Spectrum Noir at much more reasonable prices! I also purchased the DVD to learn the simple, beautiful techniques for my "cardmaking sideline" that I have seen using these markers. Now I know why the stamped images look professionally coloured when I have seen them. Mine did not look like that! I am now ready to get started for that professional (but simple) look on my cards! Thanks!!

Submitted Tuesday, September 10th @ 03:21 PM

Comment What a deal. I love working with these markers but they are so expensive in a regular craft store that it would have taken years to collect all the colors. Thank you for the great price and quick shipping. I amvery happy with my purchase.
Submitted Wednesday, July 31st @ 06:45 PM

Comment WOW! I recently received my "Noir Spectrum Pens" & I have to tell you the colors are b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! The complete 12-sets of pens(6 pens in each set w/fine & broad tips) arrived, I fell in LOVE with them. The alcohol pens blend great & the DVD, I had also purchased, was very helpful.
I've been searching for a year to find copic's @ an affordable price without any luck. These pens are just as good, if not better then the Copic's(you can also buy the refills & nub's when you need them).
You really can't beat the price, service & quick shipping @ Paper Wishes. Thank you soooo much for such a high-quality item @ an affordable price! Sincerely, D D :)
Submitted Friday, May 3rd @ 07:57 AM

Comment I was so excited waiting for my Spectrum Noir, it was like Christmas when they arrived. I absolutely love them, I have been colouring non stop since I got them! My girlfriend has had Copic markers for years and I think that the Spectrum Noir set has all the same great abilities minus the big price tag! They are fantastic and I have been raving to my scrapbooking buddies about them! Thank you, thank you for this great addition to my craft room!!!
Submitted Monday, April 1st @ 09:22 AM

Comment Just got my pens and tried them out. Very different from Copics. Was not having a good time at the shading part and wished for some information on how to use the pens.
Submitted Friday, March 29th @ 09:27 AM

Comment I ordered all of the spectrum noir pens. I'm still waiting on some that are suppose to come in today. I also ordered the spectrum noir DVD to learn how to use all these pens properly. I have not used any of the pens yet, but am excited to get started.
Submitted Tuesday, March 19th @ 09:05 AM

Comment I am just getting around to playing with my pens and I really like them. There is a learning curve when blending and coloring but have found some very helpfulvideos on YouTube. I have about a handful of Copics that I love but could not justify the price and decided to try the Spectum Noir and I am glad I did. The only thing you really need to make sure you snap the caps back on, they are kind of tight.
You can't beat the price on these pens if you are looking for a lot of colors.
Submitted Friday, January 25th @ 09:33 AM

Comment I just started using them this week to make a few Christmas cards. The colours are really nice. I need lots of practice to get the blending down right but so far so good.
Submitted Saturday, December 8th @ 08:28 PM

Comment I already had the other set and didn't know that I didn't have all the pens. I do now and I love them!
Submitted Tuesday, July 24th @ 07:24 AM

Comment Tried my markers the first time on an ebony card topper, and they provided the stress relief I needed. My main electrical wire had come down, and I colored by flashlight until it was reconnected. When the lights came back on, I was stunned by the finished project. I don't recommend coloring in near dark situations, but I do recommend these markers! Great color assortment, and wonderful value. I just purchased the Spectrum Noir DVD, and look forward to viewing it for more great tips and techniques. Thanks Paper Wishes for the endless hours of product review and testing that you put into all new items you offer.
Submitted Saturday, July 21st @ 06:25 AM

Comment These are fantastic pens. I am a certified Copic designer and found these pens to be very saturated and the colors are brighter than Copics. There is a little learning curve as the pen tips are different. Wonderful purchase. Thank you! Now I am going for the 24 pcs. sets!

I highly suggest getting the Spectrum Noir DVD. She has over 2 hours of training and found it very enjoyable. Do you sell the DVD?

Response from Paper Wishes Customer Service:

We sure do! Item #: 4005174

Submitted Wednesday, July 18th @ 07:45 AM

Comment I am really enjoying these pens.
Submitted Thursday, June 7th @ 12:07 PM

Comment Am loving this set of Spectrum Noir pens. Comparable with Copic but much cheaper. Fast shipping to Australia. Cannot wait for new colours to be released. Thanks fopr taking such good care of your clients.
Submitted Tuesday, May 29th @ 06:13 AM

Comment This set of alcohol pens is worth every penny! Paper Wishes has THE best price per pen!
Something to think about, tho - - if you had previously ordered the "face tones" set alone to try Spectrum Noir pens out, you will find you have duplicate pens when you order the entire set of pens, as the "Essentials" set has the same pens!
Wish there were notes on this in the product description page. Otherwise, NO complaints!
Submitted Friday, May 11th @ 09:47 AM

Comment I have been using the Spectrum pens for only about a week but I really love them. I purchased the group of 72. I love the way the blend, the dual tip on the pens makes detail work easier and the color groups are great. Add the great price to all this and it is a fantastic all around buy.
Submitted Wednesday, May 9th @ 04:23 PM

Comment It took me quite a while to convince myself to spend $6.00 or more for a marker but finally gave in. I really do like the COPIC markers,and have about 100 of them, but wish I would have known about the Spectrum Noir "faux copic" markers 1st. In compairson, the only thing different to me is the fine tip end. COPIC has more of a brush end and the Spectrum is a smaller fine bullet end, but works great. I think the shades are much closer too each other for gradual shading. Not so far apart like the COPIC. The price is fantastic! Just under $2.00 a marker! Seriously, if I had to do it all over again, I would just buy all 12 sets of the Spectrum Noir Pens, and call it good!
Submitted Friday, March 9th @ 08:27 AM

Comment I got my set of 72 pens and I love them! All the colors you really need without spending a fortune! They work just as well as the copics. I just have one tiny little complaint and that is the caps are really hard to get off sometimes. I am hoping they will loosen up a little with use. Somebody else up there said that they are refillable?? Is this true? If so all the more reason to have them! How do you purchase refill ink??

Response from Paper Wishes Customer Service:

We will carry the refills as soon as they are available along with the replacement nibs.

Submitted Friday, March 2nd @ 08:25 PM

Comment I purchased these pens about two weeks ago and I love them!
Submitted Monday, February 27th @ 09:47 AM

Comment I love them. easy to use and have been coloring with them every since I got them. Love the price point and the fact that I got all 72 that are carried here. They blend well and a great wide range of color. If anyone wants to try alcohol ink markers these are the way to go. Cheaper then copics and works just as well.
Submitted Monday, February 27th @ 06:34 AM

Comment My Spectrum Pens just arrived. I have never used alcohol pens before so I really have nothing to compare them too. I love the price and to be able to get 72 different colors in a set is terrific. I also love the fact that they are great for shading and the colors are there in the set that for most of the time there is no need to get any more to get you started. Thanks again
Submitted Saturday, February 25th @ 02:27 PM

Comment I am having so much fun playing with my 72 Spectrum Noir pens. LOVE THEM and they are comparable to Copic for a fraction of the cost. Thank you so much for having these markers and letting us be kids once again!
Submitted Friday, February 24th @ 11:51 AM

Comment If you are looking to get started in the world of alcohol markers, these are it. They work really well albeit pretty wet. I have never used any of the others so I can compare. Definitely a great value for a good product!
Submitted Wednesday, February 22nd @ 06:16 AM

Comment I recently received my set of the Spectrum pens and am quite impressed with them. I had taken a class on the copic markers and was very interested in using this new medium in my card making but was a bit hesitant to get into it because of the cost. I heard about these markers and watched the video on the PaperWishes site. Decided I couldn't really go wrong for the price and I was right! I am really pleased with the color combinations that have been included in the packs as far as "blendability" and range. The skin tones set is pretty much spot on to the comparable copic colors which was a great surprise. The square shape is a bit trickier for my hands to work with and the marker nub is not quite as generous as the copic one but still very usuable and I am happy that I purchased this set.
Submitted Thursday, February 2nd @ 11:50 AM

Comment I am enjoying my Spectrum Noir pens so much I am getting nothing else done!! The price is wonderful, especially for a beginner. The 72 colors are a nice broad variety for blending and shading. Thank you!!
Submitted Monday, January 30th @ 07:29 AM

Comment Oh my, oh my! The package arrived as I was preparing dinner. Dinner was nearly forgotten as I ooohed and ahhhed over all those gorgeous pens in all those beautiful colors! I am thrilled! One quick question: how do you recommend storing the pens? Laying on their sides, or standing upright?

Response from Paper Wishes Customer Service:

We checked with the manufacturer and their testing does not show any difference between storing the pens laying on their sides or standing up. If you want an opinion, they suggest storing on their sides. Good question!

Submitted Monday, January 30th @ 05:49 AM

Comment I highly recommend Spectrum Noir Pens!
If you like to color with alcohol ink pens then you will definitely want these. The colors are gorgeous and each set blends perfectly!

I have looked into other alcohol ink pens and their set of 72 markers is around $353.00! By purchasing the 12 Sets of Spectrum Noir (72 pens) I saved $224.00 :-)
What a "phenomenal value!"

Another great feature, they are refillable and have replaceable nibs. This one time investment will last a good long time.

Thank you Paper Wishes, I can hardly wait to see what's coming next!
Submitted Wednesday, January 11th @ 04:41 PM

Comment These pens are essential if you like to stamp cards or scrapbook pages. I have other markers that aren't alcohol and it's very hard to get them to blend. I've have some old stamp catalogs that have sample colored finished pictures, and when you use these pens to color with you truly can't tell which ones were printed in the catalog and which one you colored yourself. I went on other sites to see if there were any other alcohol markers in different colors I could buy and truly with the 72 color set I couldn't find a color not in the set or that I could blend myself. It is very relaxing to sit and 'color' while you watch TV.!
Submitted Wednesday, January 11th @ 03:15 PM

Comment I have had my 72 Spectrum Nora pens for about a month now. They are wonderful. Each set provides a variety of colors that are great for shading, blending and over all brilliant color. I have used them with dazzles, masks overlays, and stamps for making cards and scrapbook pages. They also blend well with some of my colic markers too. The value of the cost of the spectrum nor pens is also terrific giving the average cost of a copic pen at 6.99 at most places. So if you want a ton of color choices in alcohol pens this is the set you want to purchase. I have always enjoyed coloring as a kid and these let me to that and more. Thank you for providing us with such a great product and better yet the money saving offer for the entire set of 72 pens.
Submitted Wednesday, January 11th @ 07:46 AM

Comment I love the Spectrum Noir pens. I use them with nearly every project. Thank you. Thank you.
Submitted Tuesday, January 10th @ 04:02 PM

Comment Just got my 72 pens today. I was like a kid in a candy store. I've already tried some of the colors and are very comparable to copic. Thanks so much for the webisodes. Love every minute of them. P.S. You're shipping is fast to Canada. Thanks ever so much!
Submitted Wednesday, October 19th @ 09:24 AM