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Home > Product Videos > Craft Tools > All 4 Spectrum Noir 24-Pack Pen Sets (5109155)

All 4 Spectrum Noir 24-Pack Pen Sets


All 4 Spectrum Noir 24-Pack Pen Sets

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Save on Alcohol pens! Now you can color your stamped and printed images easily and professionally with these Spectrum Noir pens. Because they're transparent alcohol-based inks, it's easy to blend from lights to darks without overlap marks. And they're designed in shades of each color so you know just which pens work together. These pens from Crafter's Companion feature a chisel nib on one end to fill in large areas and a fine point on the other for details. And the pens are refillable, so you never have to purchase them more than once! You'll love the versatility and the colors! And you'll love the savings when you purchase the whole collection!

Set includes:
• Lights Specrum Noir Pens 24-Pack (link)
• Darks Specrum Noir Pens 24-Pack (link)
• Brights Specrum Noir Pens 24-Pack (link)
• Pastels Specrum Noir Pens 24-Pack (link)

Part number: 5109155

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Customer comments

Comment I feel like a kid at Christmas that just got the BIG box of crayons!!! Can't wait to try them all, woohoo!!!
Submitted Sunday, February 16th @ 09:30 PM

Comment I ordered the 4 sets of Spectrum Noir markers. I am new to alcohol pens. I tried them on the HOTP Serendipity Flowers stamp. The inks blended beautifully. I am looking at getting the rest of the Spectrum Noir pens of the 3rd generation (the latest one) when they are release. Love the many shades of one color. Thank you Paper Wishes.
Submitted Thursday, September 19th @ 06:47 PM

Comment I haven't used these pens for very long but I like what I have been able to do with them. they make my cards look more professional. I am sure with some practice and watching the video and following it I will improve.They are the best pens I have used so fr. Thanks.
Submitted Monday, August 12th @ 08:38 AM

Comment I absolutely love the Spectrum Noir Markers. I bought the darks,brights,lights and the pastels. I wouldn't dare think of buying the Copics. The Copics are just too darn expensive. I am so happy that I chose the SNM, I am getting ready to buy the rest of the colors.
Submitted Tuesday, April 2nd @ 07:23 PM

Comment I ordered the 24 pack and I already owned the 8 6-set packs. I really like them. The pens are juicy, blend really great, and the colors are great. I have recommended these pens to my friends. available.
Submitted Friday, March 15th @ 09:07 AM

Comment I'm so glad I purchased these pens. I have used the MORE expensive ones to me they were a little bit to bulky for my small hands but the Spectrum's are just fine. I have a lot of control with them and the best part is that they're more affordable.
Submitted Wednesday, March 6th @ 01:08 PM

Comment I'm new to alcohol markers, but am glad I purchased them, especially in the sets that I did. My daughter enjoys using these for her craft projects also. They're so easy to use. Love them!!
Submitted Saturday, February 16th @ 10:18 AM

Comment I love using all the spectrum noir pens .I use them to make cards and people are calling to let me know how nice they are.The ability to blend with them help give them dimension.I own all the spectrum noir pens and if they make new ones in the future I will buy them.I also love the cases and the spare tips you can buy for thrm.I am a faithful spectrum noir product user.
Submitted Tuesday, January 1st @ 07:48 AM

Comment I've never used alcohol markers before and after receiving them I have to say I love, love, love them! They are so much fun and there are so many colors to choose from. After getting a few of the 6-pen sets I just had to order them all! Well worth the cost!
Submitted Sunday, December 16th @ 03:20 PM

Comment I'm new to alcohol pens and I was hesitant to try them but after playing with them for a few days I love, love, love them! They are so much fun and make my cards look amazing. I wish I had ordered them sooner!
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 03:06 PM

Comment I'm new to alcohol pens and I was hesitant to try them but after playing with them for a few days I love, love, love them! They are so much fun and make my cards look amazing. I wish I had ordered them sooner!
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 03:03 PM

Comment Love the Spectrum Noir sets. All of them! They are much less pricy than Copics and the colors are wonderful!
Submitted Monday, October 15th @ 09:06 PM

Comment Love the Spectrum Noir markers. They are easy to use. Compared to the more expensive brand that everybody buys, they really do work the same. I have some of the others. You really get your money's worth with these pens. The only problem I had was a couple of the pens seemed a little dry, but I sat them up on the side that seemed dry and after a little while, they worked fine. When they are new, the caps can be really tight. While opening one, the end with the fine tip nib came completely off and the insides fell out. Luckily they fell out on the table and not my clothes, haha. It was very easy to put back together, seeing as they are supposed to come apart to refill anyways. I sure hope they come out with more shades of color in this brand. You can't go wrong with this brand of marker. They are awesome!
Submitted Tuesday, October 9th @ 07:07 AM

Comment I couldn't wait to get them and I love them. I bought the DVD to go with them and it has been very helpful, great tips. Best money ever spent.
Submitted Thursday, September 20th @ 07:24 AM

Comment I absolutely love them. They blend beautifully, my Christmas
cards look amazing. There are so many colors. Best investment I've ever made.
Submitted Tuesday, September 18th @ 09:09 AM

Comment I love the Spectrum Noir pens and am so excited I could pick them up all at once. I was frustrated trying to purchase the more expensive pens one at a time, not always having my list with me and then making purchases I had already made. The colors in the Spectrum Noir sets are beautiful. It has been fun playing with them. The DVD I purchased as well has been so helpful with tips on shading, blending and using different strokes to make artwork come alive. It was well worth the additonal cost. Cardmaking has taken on a new and exciting dimension for me now.
Submitted Monday, August 13th @ 07:58 AM

Comment What can I say except WOW? I bought the complete set cause it bugs me when I want a certain shade of red but -- no matter how much mixing I do that certain red seems to just elude me. I'm have the time of my life. Acually I feel like a kid in a 'toy store'.
Submitted Wednesday, August 8th @ 12:00 AM

Comment I absolutely love these pens. The colors are beautiful, I can't wait to get started making more cards!
Submitted Monday, July 23rd @ 07:26 AM

Comment These pens are wonderful. I actually can blend with these better than I can with the more expensive pens on the market. Colors are great and I love that the cost is far below the "other" pens--I bought the original 12 (6 pen sets) and now I have purchased the 4 (24 pen sets) so I have all the colors in the rainbow. My cards are lookin' good! A great buy and a great product! Thanks for bringing them to us!
Submitted Monday, July 9th @ 07:24 PM

Comment Really love these pens,they do make you feel like an artist. I love using them, and so does my grand daughter, oops.
Submitted Friday, June 1st @ 08:31 AM

Comment I love the pens! I would have liked a few more choices in the yellows. The price of these pens are great and a lot less money than the other brands I have seen.
Submitted Friday, June 1st @ 08:13 AM

Comment I am so happy that I have invested in these pens. They make me feel like an artist. They are so easy to use. This year at Christmas was the first time I actually had people call me and thank me for the beautiful Christmas card--I used the blender pens. Now with these added colors and the boost in confidence--I am ready to try anything. Thank you.
Submitted Monday, May 21st @ 07:02 PM

Comment I absolutely love the new spectrum noir 24 pack pen sets. I couldn't wait to try them. So many beautiful colors and they blend perfectly. A day doesn't go by that I don't use them. Love them!!!
Submitted Friday, May 18th @ 06:42 AM

Comment Love them! With a little work at learning to blend, my card art is really looking good. The price is right and I like them better than the more expensive pens.
Submitted Thursday, March 29th @ 06:32 AM