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6 Drawer Cart


6 Drawer Cart

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Innovative organization! Now you can have the organization of a filing system and the convenience of a portable carrying case. This 6-drawer cart comes with casters and removable carrying cases with snap-top lids and rounded corners to prevent paper damage. Just slide them in and out to take them where you need them! Also has an organizer top for storing smaller items. Holds 12"x12" papers. Measures 16 3/16" W x 14 7/8" L x 24 3/4" H. Carrying cases each measure 13 1/2"x13"x3".

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Part number: 7256710000

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Customer comments

Comment One of the best storage item I've ever bought. Easy to sort; easy to see; easy to use. And easy to move. Great!
Submitted Friday, June 28th @ 08:33 AM

Comment omg Where was this storage bin years ago. What a time saver so much easier to find color or kind of paper needed, It sure beats using Pizza boxes. LOVE IT.
Submitted Thursday, April 25th @ 03:22 AM

Comment I Love how it came assembled. All that was needed was to push the casters into the holes on the bottom.It fits neatly under my counter & rolles out easily.I'm a little dissapointed that the lids don't fit terribly well, & take some fiddling to get them closed.I'll probibly buy another one (or two) in the future.
Submitted Monday, January 23rd @ 09:14 AM

Comment Love this storage system. We travel a lot now in our Motorhome and I can take one or two of them with me with all the supplies I need while traveling around the USA.
Submitted Tuesday, April 20th @ 06:52 AM

Comment I love my new cart. I got it to hold my 12 x 12 paper. the only problem with it, is I have too much paper and now I need another cart!
Submitted Friday, March 19th @ 09:04 AM

Comment this storage system helped me get my papers organized. now it is so much easier to find the color or pattern that I want.
Submitted Wednesday, February 10th @ 09:48 PM

Comment Love this cart. I already had two. The flexibility of just pulling out a drawer with paper, stickers, and embellishments geared toward one project (e.g., romance, or wedding) is great for taking to a crop. Highly recommend product
Submitted Tuesday, January 12th @ 06:23 AM

Comment I LOVE this cart!!! All of my punches fit perfectly and I can see them rather than digging through a basket et al
Submitted Friday, October 30th @ 12:49 PM

Comment I LOVE this storage unit. I have the "cube" unit organizing system in my new scrapbooking room and this cart is the 3rd one I have now. I use it for my page kits and mini books and projects "works in progress" so all my coordinating things and/or instructions don't get misplaced or messed up and then I can take the whole box to a crop or my work table to work on it and everything's all there ready and waiting for me. I label the outside of the boxes because when I'm finished with a project, the label peels right off, ready to be used on another one. The boxes are big enough to hold the 12x12 papers w/o curling them and deep enough for mini-book and projects along with all the binding and/or embellishments. This is a wonderful, super, organizational tool that really works great!
Submitted Friday, October 2nd @ 05:44 PM

Comment These are the BEST for 12x12 paper storage... keeping the contents dust-free and organized. Without the casters, I stack them 3 high against a wall. With casters, I roll them everywhere. My only wish is that I had a few more drawers instead of cases with lids.
Submitted Thursday, August 27th @ 11:23 AM

Comment I love this storage system!!!!! I had 1 I bought a while back and was wanting another one. So proud to find it at Paperwishes. It is perfect for storing all my projects and supplies needed to finish the projects. When I'm ready to work on them ,all I have to do is pull out a drawer and take it with me and with the lids attached, I never misplace anything. Great product!!!!! THANKS!
Submitted Wednesday, June 3rd @ 07:59 AM

Comment I LOVE IT!! I have three units that fit perfectly under my desk. Easy access and keeps supplies dust free!!
Submitted Monday, April 27th @ 07:50 AM

Comment The 6 drawer cart is fantastic! The top tray can be removed and another set snaps on top. I have 2 carts together to make a stack of 12 bins. I plan on buying 4 more units. It is helping me clean up the papers and projects I have all over the house. Plus, I can find things! Now I can really get down to scrapbooking!
Submitted Sunday, April 12th @ 11:04 PM

Comment I was happy to recieve my second cart. It is just the handiest thing! When I started loading my first cart with all my stamps, I found stamps that I had forgot I had. They were just lost down in the bottom of the deep drawers I stored them in. Now with the two carts I can easily find anything I need. I love the way they roll so easily across the floor and the fact that you can take each drawer out and put it any place you want to. Great invention!
Submitted Thursday, April 9th @ 04:04 PM

Comment This cart is perfect for what I needed. I am in the process of putting my old block stamps in the drawers according to the item it stamps....such as all flowers in one drawer, animals in another. This way I can take that one drawer over to my desk and find them so much faster. It is a great bargain. Seems very sturdy and I love the way they have a top so you can keep dust and other things out. Or if you choose to take it someplace, just grab the drawer you need and go. i would highly recommend this to other shoppers who want to be better organized.
Submitted Friday, March 13th @ 04:31 PM

Comment My scrapbook room is organized with shelved cubes and some cubes with drawers. This unit is wonderful because I can take the boxes out with the items I need at the time I'm working. I also use one of the boxes to fill with my items when I go to a crop. Very handy and I love it because it rolls, too, so I can put it out of my way and just take a box out at a time. GREAT VERSITILE UNIT!
Submitted Thursday, March 5th @ 04:16 AM

Comment I love this. I put all my stamps, stickers flowers, etc.. in it and the best thing is I don't have to worry about anything getting dusty. I just pull the bin right out and it snaps shut.
Submitted Sunday, March 1st @ 10:52 AM

Comment WONDERFUL!! Love the lids on the storage bins - especially great since I am putting a bungie cord around the front to back and taking it to retreats with me!!! Love it - Love it!!
Submitted Thursday, February 26th @ 12:10 PM

Comment Best storage unit I've found!!
Submitted Tuesday, February 3rd @ 08:04 AM

Comment Absolutely the greatest! Use it to sort projects, papers, etc. So easy to grab a drawer and go. I liked it so well that I ordered another.
Submitted Tuesday, January 20th @ 06:13 PM

Comment This is the greatest storage idea yet. I don't know what I'd do without it now that I have it in use. It makes scrapbooking so much easier because the supplies are so handy and easy to access. The fact that the shelves are removeable is what makes this item so wonderful. Also, I love the idea that its on wheels in case I need to hide it from view.
Submitted Wednesday, January 14th @ 12:48 PM

Comment I have 2 carts similar and they are absolutely WONDERFUL!!! I would HIGHLY recommend these carts to anyone!! Mine came with the casters as well and also have the lids on them, I use mine for my large rubber stamp collection I have and am hoping to get one or two more in the near future for other scrapbooking supplies...
Submitted Thursday, November 13th @ 09:28 AM

Comment I purchased 2 of these and I have found them very versatile. I use one set for my rubber stamps (I have a bunch) and the other for stamp pads, paints, chalks, stensils etc. They have held up very well and the casters make them easy to move around my scrapbook room. I label the outside of the bins and so I know what is where and that saves time!!
I'm thinking of buying some for my sisters who scrapbook too!
Submitted Wednesday, October 29th @ 08:02 AM

Comment I really love this storage unit. I like the bins because they all have lids on them. i've tried the ones without the lids and i prefer this one. This makes the third unit that i have now. I would truely recommend this to anyone. I will probably buy more in the near future.
Submitted Sunday, August 24th @ 06:01 PM

Comment I absolutely love it!!! I will be ordering another one since I have so much STUFF!!!
Submitted Monday, June 2nd @ 07:15 AM

Submitted Sunday, June 1st @ 06:00 AM

Comment The neat thing about this storage unit is the boxes are portable.
Submitted Tuesday, May 20th @ 02:26 AM

Comment I love this storage system. It's the perfect size for my projects and paper, and it's very convenient because I can take the storage bins out easily.
Submitted Sunday, April 27th @ 09:29 AM