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Stamp Box


Stamp Box

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Stamp storage. This cool pink storage box is the perfect place to keep up to 70 clear stamp sheets! Includes 10 dividers and 20 sticker labels for easy organization. Also features a metal label holder and reinforced corners to insure the contents will stay safe. Box measures 7 3/4”x10”x8”.

Part number: 7268940000

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Customer comments

Comment This is a great box for stamps. It is very sturdy. I bought my first one about three years ago. Now I am getting ready to buy a fourth one. I have a stamp addiction!
Submitted Wednesday, October 9th @ 10:52 PM

Comment The box is well built and has plenty of storage. I am using for word stamps. I only wish they had the option of those vinyl cards(the kind cling and clear stamps cling to) for those stamps that do not come on a cling type backing rather than the cardboard file dividers. Those small stamps can get lost so easily and this box makes it's easy to find just the right verse! I am adapting those file cards with something that the stamps can cling to! I will need to order a second for my birthday verse stamps very shortly!
Submitted Monday, September 16th @ 10:02 AM

Comment Love this box. Just purchased my second. I haven't had a problem with the folders falling over ( I guess because it is full). I mainly keep the 8x6 stamp sheets in it. Now that I have the second box, I evened them out & its easier for me to see what I have and I can brouse. I do keep my stamps in the packaging as long as possible. I don't keep my small stamps in it I keep those in a loose leaf binder inside 9 count plastic sleeve pages or the ones divied in half(like they use for Baseball card collectors). These are great for storing the mini stamps from hot off the press. I guess I have just been lucky my dividers are not falling over.
Submitted Friday, July 6th @ 11:53 PM

Comment I put my box together in about 2 minutes flat and kept the dividers the way they were. I organized my stamps by theme/month, i.e., winter/snow in January, valentines/hearts in February, St. Patrick's in March, etc. I make my own cards and it is easier for me to organize by date and then I group my miscellaneous stamps by theme as well (flowers/animals/backgrounds, etc.) I will probably have to order another box. Plus, the box is compact and cute!
Submitted Tuesday, January 10th @ 05:52 AM

Comment I do like this box. You can really fill it up. I need to get another the one I have is too full. It really organizes all those loose stamps and it looks so neat on a shelf.
Submitted Sunday, June 6th @ 05:50 PM

Comment I absolutely love this Stamp Box. It will hold a lot of acylic stamps! It snaps together fast and easy and you;re ready to go. Well worth the price. Everyone who stanps should have this Stamp Box!
Submitted Friday, May 21st @ 01:13 PM

Comment I really like this box, I have 2 of them! They hold all of my various clear cling stamps. I guess I have more than most because I needed the second one!!! The color is great in my stamp room too!
Submitted Monday, March 23rd @ 06:49 AM

Comment I would think, for the smaller sheets of stamps, you could be put them into a clear CD case. They will take up more room in the box, but they won't flop over.
Submitted Wednesday, August 27th @ 10:24 AM

Comment Not only practical but cute as well. Plenty of dividers with labels. Just need to make a spacer so things don't flop over as previous comment said. Over all I like it.
Submitted Thursday, August 14th @ 01:29 PM

Comment This box has lots of room for unmounted stamps. It comes with dividers, but if you don't have a lot of stamps, I agree with Carrie and Renee that it does fall over. You also need to be sure that you keep your stamps in some sort of packaging with the cardboard or cardstock so they stand up with the dividers. You can use the stickers provided with the dividers for those that have MSE stamps, but you can write on them yourself if you don't with a marker for your own personalized stamp storage.
Submitted Thursday, May 1st @ 11:48 AM

Comment Colorful, cool design and a great way to store clear stamps without using yet another binder. While I agree with Carrie that the dividers fall down because the box isn't yet full, I solved the problem by using a small block of styrofoam....it can easily be adjusted as my stash quickly grows!

Actually, I'm glad MSE did not use a hanging file prototype because then the storage becomes bulkier and much heavier on a shelf.
Submitted Sunday, April 20th @ 07:01 AM

Comment Roomy; will hold a lot of stamps. If you have a lot of stamps currently, it'll be great, but for those of us who don't have a lot yet, the box can be kind of messy as the contents flop over. I wish that MSE had used hanging dividers or slots or something to hold the divider cards.
Submitted Friday, April 11th @ 07:17 AM