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Follow Your Heart Beaded Card

Ann Bernklau

Get template needed to make this project with the Bead Maker Template.

Follow Your Heart Beaded Card
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tips: When rolling the thicker iridescent paper for beads, it is helpful to first curl the paper strip on your toothpick or Q-tip (like you would curl ribbon), before you start rolling the bead. This makes the paper more pliable for rolling. If you're using your beads for wearable jewelry, make sure to coat them with a sealer like Diamond Glaze to make them more durable. To attach beads to a flat surface, use a glue that dries hard and permanent, like Aleene's Tacky Glue. Make sure to let dry completely.



  1. Place the card with the fold on the top. Cover the card front with peach border paper, with a portion of the border showing along the bottom. Mat a 3 ½"x3" piece of floral tile with brown texture, leaving a 1/16" border. Glue to the card ½" from the top and left. Mat a 1 ¾"x1" piece of white cardstock onto brown texture, leaving a 1/32" border. Place the "follow your heart" Dazzles onto the white piece, with 3 small hearts in the center as shown. Glue the greeting to the card 1" from the right and top.
  2. Paper beads: Follow the instructions on the Bead Maker Template to make the beads. Make 18 Short and Skinny beads from green iridescent paper, 6 Short and Skinny beads from blue iridescent paper, 4 Long and Skinny beads from floral tile, and 3 Short and Skinny beads from multi-stripe.
  3. Take 12" of narrow teal grosgrain ribbon and tie a knot close to one end. String a green iridescent bead onto the ribbon (folding the ribbon helps when threading). Place another knot close to the bead. Thread on another bead and then knot, repeating the process until you have a string of 11 beads, ending with a knot. Using Tacky Glue, glue the string across the bottom of your card, ¼" from the bottom. Tape the loose ribbon ends to the back of the flap. Let dry before the next step.
  4. Flowers: Glue 1 ¼" of teal ribbon vertically to the card, 1 ½" from the right and just above the string of beads. Knot a short piece of ribbon and glue to the "stem" you've created. Glue 6 iridescent green beads as petals in a flower form at the top of the stem. Glue a 2" long stem 2 ½" from the left and add a knotted piece for the leaves. Glue the 6 iridescent blue beads at the top as petals. Place tiny round Dazzles in the center of each flower.
  5. Dragonfly: Glue 3 multi-stripe beads in a row to the left of the blue flower. Glue on a green iridescent head for the dragonfly. Glue 4 long beads as the wings and let dry completely. Add silver swirls from the Petite Dazzles as antennae.
  6. Place corner Dazzles on the corners of the floral tile piece. Place a flourish above and below the sentiment. Add a scattering of silver butterflies around the card as shown.

Project comments

Written by Judy
 6 years 1 month ago:
I like the idea of making flowers and embellishments with the paper beads because I probably would not wear jewelry made with paper beads. They are fun to make almost like quilling. Thanks for the good ideas.
Written by Mona
 6 years 2 months ago:
I do love the new template and am glad to see this card idea as I have the template but am not really into beading.
Written by Linda
 6 years 2 months ago:
I love these! I love beaded necklaces, but they are expensive to make and can be very heavy. I can't wait to try this out!


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