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"A new dress"

LeNae Gerig

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"A new dress"
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer's Tip: Zipper flower: Unzip the zipper trim. Hold one end and fold into a point with the zipper on the inside edge. Fold another point on the opposite side and hot glue the bottom of the petals together. Repeat for a finished flower with 5 petals. Bend the prongs of the black gingham brad to lay flat. Glue the brad to the center of the flower.



  1. Page 1A:
  2. Glue an 11 1/4"x11 1/2" piece of Sew Cute pink floral paper to white cardstock. Mat the long edges of a 5 1/2"x12" piece of yellow doily paper with 1/2"x12" strips of Sew Cute blue gingham paper.
  3. Unzip the green zipper trim and glue each half to the back of the gingham border. Glue a length of pink measuring tape near the bottom of the yellow border. Glue the yellow border down the center of the page.
  4. Mat a 4"x6" and a 2 3/4"x4" photo with white cardstock, leaving a 1/8" wide border. Glue the largest photo to the right side of the yellow border with the smaller photo foam taped overlapping the left side.
  5. Assemble the Papier Tole and glue the dress form to the right side of the large photo, with a yellow bow glued to the waist. Glue the pincushion to the bottom left of the small photo. Secure a blue gingham brad to the left.
  6. Glue a folded length of green gingham ribbon to the back of a pink zipper flower and glue to the bottom right corner of the large photo. Back button Dazzles( with green paper, punch the buttonholes and thread with 1/8" pink ribbon. Knot the ribbon and glue the buttons to the right of the flower. Secure a blue gingham brad to the right.
  7. Write on white strips of cardstock and glue to the top of the yellow border.
  8. Page 1B:
  9. Glue a 6 1/2"x12" piece of yellow doily paper and glue 1 5/8" form the left side of a piece of white cardstock. Unzip yellow zipper trim and glue each half to the back long edges of a 12"x8 1/2" blue gingham. Glue across the page, 1 1/2" from the bottom. Glue a length of pink measuring tape 1/2" from the top zipper edge.
  10. Mat two 3 1/2" x5 1/4" photos with white cardstock and glue 1/4" apart, 1" from the left side of the page and 1" from the bottom. Glue a foam tape Papier Tole flower and 2 buttons between the photos, at the top.
  11. Glue the Papier Tole sewing machine to the right of the photos with a pink zipper flower above, 2 Dazzles( buttons and a pink gingham brad.

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