What Paperwishers are Saying

Written by Judy Peterson
 1 day 21 hours ago:
I would like to send a sincere thank you to Paper Wishes for the webisodes on Deco Foil. Thank YOU!
Written by laura
 2 days 17 hours ago:
I have to admit the 1st time I bought these because they have the names of both of my dogs, Sky and Stormy. Even though the words aren't capitalized I can still cut them appart and use them when referring to my four-legged kids.
Written by Jean
 3 days 22 hours ago:
I see bats also, Gail! I just love dazzles!!! Thanks for all the great ideas!!
Written by Diane Lynne C.
 3 days 22 hours ago:
I'm a Dazzle hoarder (there I finally admitted one of my Paper Wishes addictions) I love the Card Greetings and the Zen Butterflies and Leaves. Thanks for another great webisode,
Written by Annette
 3 days 23 hours ago:
Bats, hmm! I can see some of them as bats, but as for the rest, butterflies. Anyway, thank you all for sharing, Annette
Written by Elise Mungovan
 4 days 2 hours ago:
I just said to myself, no more dazzles and you come out with these, that are irresistible! Great webisode and glad to hear the greetings will be coming for Christmas too. Hope maybe the foldover cards will also be included in Christmas.Ilove those! Great webisode! So many different ideas. Thank you.
Written by Lee C
 4 days 3 hours ago:
beautiful card designs and as always, techniques for using dazzles. However, (noticed also in the WOW week).. use a cosmetic wedge for your mega flakes on the double sided dazzles - the scoochy foam is too abrasive and you'll have a hot mess.
Written by Francine Seal
 4 days 3 hours ago:
Just before Gail said that the small black butterflies could be used as bats at halloween, I said to myself those look like BATS! So, she wasn't crazy or, if she is, I'm crazy, too! Loved the episode. Order coming soon.
Written by Patti Jo
 4 days 4 hours ago:
I am happy to say I bought this laminator system. I love how easy it is.
There are so many deco foil colors. I think the rainbow color is my favorite but tied with the purple. It is gorgeous!
My husband says if it isn't glued down, she has foiled it. lol
Treat yourself. You won't be sorry.
Written by Meg Smith
 4 days 7 hours ago:
Gail, the second I saw the black butterflies on that card, I thought "are those butterflies or bats?" Then I thought "well, I guess they're butterflies, but they sure look like they could be bats." So, you're not so crazy after all! I loved the samples you showed us...each one of the pairs was very different in look and technique from the other sample. Great job.
Written by Elvira
 4 days 8 hours ago:
The new dazzles are dazzling! I'm getting them as soon as possible! All the projects are
mind-dazzling! Gail and all the designers are so talented.
Written by Terri Lea
 4 days 12 hours ago:
Gail, I see the bats too!! :)
Written by Elise
 4 days 15 hours ago:
Love all the great looks that dazzles can bring! They make crafting so easy with an amazing finish! We appreciate the review of dazzle techniques, since it's too easy to continue doing the same ones, when a variety makes it more fun and interesting! Thanks for another great webisode, Ladies!


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