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Written by Ginger
 1 day 6 hours ago:
Looks like a nice set, a gotta-have -- also thought you all would like to know that Cinnamon Bear is played every year online at ABN radio, it usually starts around Thanksgiving and two episodes are played every night ... http://radio.macinmind.com ... Thought you'd like to share with the kids and grandkids :-)
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
from Paulette: My kids grew up listening to the Cinnamon Bear. Thanks for the information. Now, it is time for Penelope to hear the story.
Written by Glo
 1 day 10 hours ago:
Oh! This is just lovely.
Written by NADINE
 2 days 10 hours ago:
Written by Lee C
 4 days 3 hours ago:
I did want to add - that this is the ... not counting, but another time you've mentioned the repositional easy dots. I'm thinking - permanent creative background and change up elements using this. I've got them coming and cannot wait to take them for spin (tool and refill).,,A wall calendar is the first project that comes to mind.
Written by Lee C
 4 days 4 hours ago:
omg - I was laughing with you. Spiders - eeks. Wonderful webisode - but I'll keep my spiders a bit more friendly using the ideas/instructions in the Oct PS scrapbooking kit! Cute spiders don't give me the willies! Great job ladies.
Written by Annette
 4 days 6 hours ago:
Well, Autumn has arrived on the East Coast anyway! Hope you all are warmn and oozy; soon I will be watching this week's webisode! TFS, Annette
Written by Heidi
 4 days 7 hours ago:
That was pretty cute ladies! Gail, I get the spider thing completely but for me it's monkeys! Ah, they freak me out! So good job with your mason jar project. Funny webisode! Thanks for the laughs and inspiration as always.
Written by Diane Lynne C.
 4 days 11 hours ago:
Love your Halloween webisode. I have the Halloween Finished in a Flash and I have used almost 90% of it to make cards and 4 scrapbook layouts. What a great paper pack. I, too, found I needed a few hands in putting the boxes together with that wire handle. But I solved it by using brads. Looks awesome.
Written by SandiL
 4 days 19 hours ago:
I love these. Last year I made 24 cards using several sets of these and they looked fabulous. No, you can't make them at the last minute, but when you find the right paper to put them on (yup, I fussy cut them, too, after stitching them all first on the 12x12). Everybody knew they were hand stitched and appreciated the effort. They felt special to receive one. Add a bit of autumn shaped bling and great thanksgiving cards. Highly recommend them.
Written by laura
 4 days 20 hours ago:
Wow! Eight of each page?! I'm gonna have yo buy this!
Written by Paul Ann
 4 days 20 hours ago:
Can't wait to receive this. Will share with my Woman's club to make cards for the Veteran's hospital patients. We can always count on Paper Wishes to brighten someone's day!
Written by Nancy
 4 days 21 hours ago:
I am totally terrified of spiders and can't touch pictures of them, either ... but even so, I just love this set! A group of bats is called a colony. There are tons of bats around here and some nights it sounds like a whole crowd of birds gone mad! Thanks for a really fun episode and Happy Halloween! :)
Written by Michelle
 4 days 22 hours ago:
You mentioned a snowglobe set in this webisode, and I have looked for it, and can't find it? I am wanting a snowglobe stamp and die set, so I am interested in looking at it, can you tell me where it is? Thank you for such a fun Halloween webisode, you are the best!
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
The snowglobe cutting die is item 4105342 and the matching stamp set is 4101196. Both will be available Oct. 9. Sorry, we had just taped the week of webisodes featuring them and forgot the Halloween webisode would show earlier.
Written by Michelle Orsborn
 5 days 6 hours ago:
Thank you for a wonderful webisode with great ideas!! I love the new stamp sets, and it is always so much fun to watch the both of you! You always make me smile, I hope you have as much fun, as your fans do watching you!!
Written by Leigh Ann
 5 days 9 hours ago:
I completely feel for Gail. I also hate spiders! I can say the word and the stamps don't bother me because they're not real, but I do despise spiders!
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
Thanks for your support Leigh Ann! Though, I must say that I do not hate spiders, because I know that they have a very important role in our environment. I just don't like to look at them, so I actually ask my boys to carry them outside, and thankfully, they do! Happy Halloween! Gail
Written by Laura
 5 days 9 hours ago:
I also was wondering if you'd be doing a Halloween webisode. So glad you did! I won't have time to make Halloween cards this year, but normally I make about 25 spooky cards. I have used & especially love the haunted house dazzle.
Written by Diane Lynne C.
 5 days 14 hours ago:
The Mice stamps are adorable but my favorite is the Home for the Holidays collection. This would made a great Pop-up box card for Christmas. I'd use white embossing powder on houses done in red and green card stock. I'd use the Christmas chalkboard paper pack , too. Thanks for the inspiration.
Written by Patty
 5 days 22 hours ago:
Love the skating stamps, just a thought, cut the blades off the skates, vary the color and you have snow boots for a snowman or snow scene. They are so cute and remind me of my two beautiful granddaughters.
Written by Lee C
 6 days 6 hours ago:
Beautiful projects and versatile techniques. Luv, luv, luv the Christmas, but also winter theme stamps - esp, Mice Christmas and that final sbook layout. Gorgeous and as always, inspirational.
Written by Tina
 6 days 10 hours ago:
I get so excited when I find there is a week of webisodes starting in my email.I love watching them with my morning coffee. You 2 always make me smile. Please never stop.


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