Welcome to Paper Wishes® Digital Scrapbooking! Here are a few answers to common questions you might have and some basic instructions. Enjoy and thank you!

Q: What is Digital Scrapbooking and what are some the benefits vs. traditional scrapbooking?

A: Digital Scrapbooking is simply creating a scrapbook layout on the computer. You use papers, elements and stamps that are created digitally using photo/graphics design/editing software.

Some advantages—

  • No shipping charges. You'll receive your files once you've paid for your products. Perfect for international customers and for those who aren't patient! (Like me.)
  • All the digital scrapbooking products can be used over and over. You can use them in different layouts and print them out as many times as you like.
  • Convenience of product. Since you are purchasing files, you don't have to make room in your craft room. Files are stored on your computer or can be burned to CD/DVD to access when you need them.

Q: What are Digital Stamps and how can I use them?

A: Digital stamps are graphic images that are downloaded onto your computer in a basic photo editing, graphics software or even as basic as a word processing program. Digital stamps are similar to traditional acrylic and rubber stamps with added convenience! Images can easily be resized, colorized within the software, add a drop shadows or other special effects. Images can be reversed and mirrored! Plus you can print them onto cardstock, patterned papers or any type of paper a printer can handle.

Q: I only have a PC, do the files support PC programs?

A: Our images are compatible with ANY system, for both MAC and PC.

Q: Once I've purchase a digital scrapbooking file, is it ok to share them with my friends or family?

A: Unfortunately, no. Though we love to share with family and friends, files are for personal use only and can only be used by the person who purchased the files.

Q: Once I've created my digital scrapbook page or project, what can I do with it?

A: The possibilities are endless! The hardest part is deciding the details, such as theme, size or layout and what to use. But once you have your digital scrapbook page or project completed here's a list of options you can do with them:

  • Print them professionally: Shutterfly, Costco or Persnicketyprints.com.
  • Take your original digital scrapbook layouts and print them out smaller to make mini books and other fun little projects.
  • Create a slide show and burn them onto a CD/DVD to share with family and friends.
  • Can easily be shared on social media — Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Blogs and Instagram.
  • And please keep in mind, these are just suggestions, because with digital scrapbooking the possibilities are ENDLESS!

Q: Printing 12x12 Digital Scrapbooking pages or other Digital Craft projects, how and where?

A: Here are some suggestions for printing. There are many companies online to choose from for 12"x12" printing. See the suggested "online" printers down below. You can also go to your local Kinko's, OfficeMax or any copy place and have them printed.

Suggested online printers:

  • Costco.com — provides options to print various sizes and they will ship directly to you.
  • Persnicketyprints.com — offers single sheet printing with a variety of sizes to choose from along with photo books, digital scrapbooking cards and more.
  • Shutterfly.com — offers a variety of options for printing. You can choose from digital scrapbooking pages, digital card making projects, photo books and have it shipped directly to you.

Q: What type of photo editing or graphic software can I use?

A: Here's a list of some of the basic software you can use to layout your digital scrapbook pages and colorize, or manipulate digital scrapbooking files.

  • Basic: Corel Paint Shop Pro, Microsoft Publisher, CorelDRAW, Photoshop Elements
  • Advanced: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Q: What types of files will I receive?

A: Digital Stamp files — you'll receive two types of files:

  • PNG: Files are transparent, allowing you to overlay images on top of each other with no white box around the image. Images are 300dpi for excellent print quality.
  • JPG: Files are opaque, which means files contain a white background box around the image. Images are 300dpi for excellent print quality.
  • Each stamp set contains a contact sheet with all the images you'll receive with your purchase. This file comes in both PGN & JPG and is 300dpi for excellent print quality.

A: Digital Scrapbooking paper files —

  • JPG file formats for digital scrapbooking papers.

A: Embellishments, Tags, Labels and other Digital Scrapbooking elements —

  • PNG file formats. Files are transparent, allowing you to overlay images on top of each other with no white box around the image. Images are 300dpi for excellent print quality.

Q: How many times can I print out images that I've purchased?

A: One of the many benefits of Digital Scrapbooking is there is absolutely NO LIMIT!