Spray Inks / Mists / Spritz

Spray inks give you great color that you can use to create sprayed backgrounds on cards and scrapbook pages, or use with masks and stencils to create designed backgrounds.

Spray Walnut Ink
Spray and let dry for a cool speckled effect, or spray and use a paper towel to rub the walnut ink into the surface for smooth color. You can apply the liquid in two ways: Spraying it, or daubing it onto paper. Since it comes in a spray bottle, you’re pretty much set to go for that method of application. If you want to daub the color on, you’ll need Daubers that you screw onto the spray bottles.

stamping project

Smooch Spritz
Smooch Spritz is perfect for creating pearlized backgrounds on paper, chipboard, wood, cardstock, and more. The effect is beautiful color with super-fine glitter over the top—without the glitter mess!

stamping project
stamping project

Place your paper inside your sink or a cardboard box. Spray lightly at first, holding the bottle about 5" away from the paper. Hold it farther away for a lighter misting of color. Spray again to add more color. Don’t hold the bottle directly down, or the nozzle can get clogged.

For an antique effect, simply pour a bit of the liquid into a shallow container and put your paper inside. The longer it stays in the ink, the darker the color. Dilute the color by adding water to the ink.

All you need here is a wadded up piece of paper towel or plastic wrap. Pour a bit of the liquid into a shallow container, dip your paper towel or plastic wrap and tap it onto your paper. Use a light touch and see what patterns you create.

Simply unscrew the spray nozzle from your bottle and replace with a Dauber cap. You’ll need to let the ink soak into the dauber applicator—turn it upside down and press it firmly onto a pile of scrap paper. Lift and press again until the dauber is saturated with ink. Then you can apply it to your paper: Tap it to get a polka dot effect, tap and swirl, or sweep it across the paper. You can also use the dauber to edge the paper.

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