Glitzy Christmas Collection
August 24, 2011

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Donna P (posted 2 years 11 months ago)
I love these cards and the webisodes from all week! How do you attach the clear sheet sayings or borders to the card?
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
Good question and I'm sorry we didn't discuss it in the webisode. There are a couple of ways, vellum glue works as does glue stick. I put the adhesive under the printed parts of the transparency so they don't show. Hope this helps
Pamela (posted 2 years 11 months ago)
I love your webisodes and have been a fan for several years. I feel almost as if I am sitting down with old friends when I watch! The creations are so awesome. When do we get to meet Teresa?
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
Teresa lives in Arizona and we're in Oregon. Next time she comes to visit, maybe she can drop in! I'll invite her.
Donna Babic (posted 2 years 11 months ago)
Besides the fact that all those cards are stunning, I am also intrigued by all the different bows Teresa comes up with. I simply love that touch. I'm constantly eyeballing her bows! Okay, now it's time to order the xmas paper pack and color me pack!
Teresa Galvan (posted 2 years 11 months ago)
You inspire me always. I can't wait to try and do some of these beautiful cards myself. Thank you keep them coming!
Annette (posted 2 years 11 months ago)
Oh my goodness! Gorgeous, beautiful, creative, fantastic, I could go on and on. My cart is filling up fast. I will have a terrific time creating holiday greetings. Thank you for sharing, as always.
KathyB (posted 2 years 11 months ago)
Wow, these cards are wonderful - must have the snow globe products, what a great idea!!
Carla Shaffer (posted 2 years 11 months ago)
I love all the ideas. Teresa keep up the great work. Can't wait to place another order.
Cynthia Farris (posted 2 years 11 months ago)
Your cards and packs are beautiful but what if you want to mass create these cards for your entire Christmas card list?
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
Hi Cynthia, you are welcome to "mass produce" the cards for your personal use, Christmas list, to sell at craft bazaar's, etc. We only ask that our products not be commercially reproduced, but to give away, yourself, go for it!

Karen (posted 2 years 11 months ago)
I love making cards, I can use these ideas anytime of the year thanks
Diana (posted 2 years 11 months ago)
Love the glitz!! Thanks for so many ideas.
Teresa Menlove (posted 2 years 11 months ago)
Thanks! I really enjoy seeing the cards and watching these clips.
Debby (posted 2 years 11 months ago)
You blew me away with todays cards. One of my favorite times of the year is fall and this fall card is just beautiful. And all of the cards just took my breath away. Theresa you out did yourself this time!!!!!
Lynne Neumann (posted 2 years 11 months ago)
I just love these cards, here comes my paycheck. I would like to know how you print those tags as they just don't fit into my computer?
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
Let me explain the process we use.
Write your words on your computer and print them out. Then place the printed paper over a light source (like a window) and position the tag on top. Make sure the words are positioned as you want them then tape or lightly glue down the tag. Put it through your printer again and the words will print out where you want them. It's very slick. Hope this helps and thank you for watching.
Elise mungovan (posted 2 years 11 months ago)
Absolutely spectacular cards. Theresa certainly did a great job! I am so happy to see the new manger dazzles and the beautiful job she did using it on the card
Kathy Serrahn (posted 2 years 11 months ago)
awesome cards
Rose (posted 2 years 11 months ago)
These cards are so gorgeous. I want to make them all and send to my special friends. Guess I better hurry up and get started. Teresa is so talented. I also enjoy your demonstration of the cards, Paulette and Ann. A super job by all.
Doreen JOhnson (posted 2 years 11 months ago)
My mind cannot get over how many fantastic ideas are in every episode. I want everything!!!
Lynda (posted 2 years 11 months ago)
Love that Glitzy Glitter!!!
Another great webisode - thank you.
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