Little Bottles
July 10, 2012

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Flo Hair (posted 2 years ago)
Love your Webisodes all of
them. The weekly Webisodes
I really did like. I have
learned so much from you two
ladies. Keep up the good work.
Joni (posted 2 years ago)
You both are so much fun to watch and I learn so much! BTW Please share wedding photos Ann!
Peggy Limbacher (posted 2 years ago)
Keep up the good work--You both are AWESOME!!!! Blessings,
C bishop (posted 2 years ago)
Paulette and Ann I LOVE your videos!! The glitter and beads are awesome! Also, I thoroughly enjoyed the webisodes showing ideals for your kits!! I always learned the coolest ideas from you ladies!! Look forward each week to see the both of you!!
Susan (posted 2 years ago)
I always appreciate your enthusiasm and sense of fun in your videos.
Love the necklace and those micro beads!
Holly (posted 2 years ago)
So pretty. Who manufactures them. Thanks, Holly
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
They are made by C-Thru, hope that helps!
Cheri (posted 2 years ago)
Melanie (posted 2 years ago)
I'm always on the lookout for homemade Christmas Ornament ideas for our exchange. I think the necklace would make a super cute ornament.
Barbara M (posted 2 years ago)
I am 75 years young and these bring back memories of when in grade school we used beads for Mother's Day presents. On my wish list!!
Eileen (posted 2 years ago)
Thank you, thank you, thank you. I actually bought some of the glitter sets. I put them in a I have some ideas of what to do with them. Thanks Paulette and Anne
Angela (posted 2 years ago)
Loved this webisode, however I must confess I was expecting to also see some ideas on what to do with the bottles after they were emptied.The bottles are so adorable I can imagine there would be a million things you could do with them once they are empty. Great job girls as always.
Suzanne (posted 2 years ago)
I'm not huge on gliter and beads because they can make such a mess, but I love the presentation of these and can't wait to try them! Just one question, how tall are the bottles??
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
They are 1 3/4" each :)
Jessica (posted 2 years ago)
In a word...WOW! I love that each set has different sizes or styles of beads and glitter. Thanks!
TheTink1927 (posted 2 years ago)
Oh, how adorable! The styles and techniques you've shown in this webisode look so fun! The only thing you didn't mention is that when you're done enjoying the product, you still have those cute, cute bottles to do something with! How could you go wrong with these sets? They're definitely going on my wish list! Thanks for another wonderful webisode! Nancy
Sandhills Patty (posted 2 years ago)
Oh my!!! Love the glitter and the beads!! I have been beading for years. If you don't have a beading needle.. just use dental floss for the bigger beads, or rub some glue stick on a double strand of thread... let dry.. and it's stiff enough to put beads on! Hummm?? What should I buy??? Thank you Ladies!
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