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July 23, 2012

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Ruth Ann Smith (posted 4 years 1 month ago)
Wow! what a great way to start the week of webisodes. Teresa is a genius. Ann your wedding photo is lovely, what a beautiful bride and groom. Can't wait to see more.
Katie (posted 4 years 1 month ago)
Thank you so much for the Stamp Camp Webisodes! I love all the ideas and techniques! It really is a gift in my inbox every day.
Congratulations and best wishes to you, Ann and Felix. What a handsome couple you are! Ann, you are a beautiful bride! Thanks for sharing the photo with all us fans!
Carolyn (posted 4 years 1 month ago)
Amazing thankyou enjoyed the webisode look forward to tomarrows.Ann you made a beautiful bride.Congratulations.
Jessica (posted 4 years 1 month ago)
Great ideas, I really need to see this cd.
Thanks Ann, you and Felix Are beautiful together. Lovely dress. Congrats to you both again.
Conniecrafter (posted 4 years 1 month ago)
Such great techniques, I will be putting this on my wish list.
Ann, you and your husband made are a Beautiful couple, your dress was Lovely, Congrats again!
Debbie (posted 4 years 1 month ago)
I haven't done much stamping but I can see where it could be as addicting as the other things I have learned from the webisodes. Ann, your dress was beautiful
Pauline (posted 4 years 1 month ago)
Great work girls. I might just like to add that you need to seal the chalk technique with hair spray or sealer or else the chalk will rub off. Really enjoying the videos. :)
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
From Paulette: Teresa does recommend that in her DVD, sorry we forgot to mention it.
kKathy S (posted 4 years 1 month ago)
wow- what a webisode full of amazing ideas -thank you one and all and what a great way to finish with such a beautiful picture of the happy couple- congrats
Kathleen (posted 4 years 1 month ago)
Beautiful cards and a very beautiful Bride. May you both have a very long and wonderful life together. Ann if you would go over to the Message Board and look at Other Topics - Best Wishes to Ann. There are a bunch of messages for you.
Phoebe (posted 4 years 1 month ago)
Wow, this webisode is just full of great ideas. Thank you for the inspiration, as usual. =)
And just a note to say that Ann, you were a beautiful Bride, and your Husband a Handsome Groom. Congrats. =)
Beverly VanderWerf (posted 4 years 1 month ago)
Great webisode and some grear technics! Ann, you were a beautiful bride and your dress was so gorgeous, Best Wishes to you both.
Leen (posted 4 years 1 month ago)
WOW there were so many amazing techniques, I can't wait to see what the rest of the projects are. I do just have a quick question though. With the marbling using the chalks, would those pieces have to be sealed after they dried? If so what with what?
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
Try hairspray or any art fixative!
Lynn C. (posted 4 years 1 month ago)
Loved the stamp webisode cards. Theresa has outdone herself.
Thanks for showing us your wedding photo. You did indeed make a beautiful bride.
susan D (posted 4 years 1 month ago)
WOW, If this is just day one I can not imagine what else you can come up with!
Also, Nice to see a wedding picture, Your dress is lovely...Best Wishes to you both!
Connie (posted 4 years 1 month ago)
WOW!! What else is there to say. Cannot wait to get this DVD. Ann, you were such a beautiful bride. Thank you for sharing the picture with all your fans!
Mary (posted 4 years 1 month ago)
Fantastic Webisode!
Ann thank you for sharing your wedding photo, I wish you both, many years of love and happiness. Best wishes
Barbara M (posted 4 years 1 month ago)
I must definitely get this dvd. I love all of the new techniques and the refreshers. Thanks again for all of these wonderful Webisodes.
Jackie Brockett (posted 4 years 1 month ago)
Love these techniques!!! Can't wait to try them....and Ann you look beautiful in your wedding pics.
Linda (posted 4 years 1 month ago)
What a treat to have another week of webisodes! It's like a present every day! LOVE the ink chart information! This is a must have for me!
Eleanor Hice (posted 4 years 1 month ago)
I want Teresa!!! Please clone and sell to us. The cards are beautiful. She really is amazing.
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