Stamp Camp #2 DVD
July 29, 2013

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Kathy Brubaker (posted 11 months 25 days ago)
I have to say that I have never been interested in the Encrusted Jewels until I saw this Webisode. They really are amazing and I am no longer intimated by them. They really add a beautiful texture to a Card. I can see using them for Mountain, Beach & Nature texture. Thank you, beautiful job you both did, as usual. These Webisode are such a valuable Tool in my crafting world.
Diana (posted 11 months 25 days ago)
Loved the different techniques with the watercolor pencils. And to think, I just use them to color in stamps!! Thanks for broadening my horizons.
Karen H, Texas (posted 11 months 25 days ago)
Another great WOW...can't wait to see what's in store for tomorrow. Don't worry, Gail, sometimes those stamping boo-boos make for some interesting surprises and new discoveries!
Joan (posted 11 months 25 days ago)
I loved the watercolor techniques demonstrated. I had ordered the pencils earlier this year but was then intimidated to use them. Not now! Thanks-Joan
Di (posted 11 months 26 days ago)
Thank you so much for this demo, I have never used some of the products you showed, especially mica and the shattered glass. Fantastic video.
Carole (posted 11 months 26 days ago)
I love the salted look with the water colors. I am anxious to give this a try myself.
Barb P. (posted 11 months 26 days ago)
Thinking outside the box (again)-love it! A great idea for that jar of buttons. And thanks for the tip of gluing on the mica. I lose so much even with heating from the bottom; I think my gun is too forceful. Can't wait for tomorrow's episode.
Rose (posted 11 months 26 days ago)
This DVD is awesome. The cards are so beautiful and I can't wait to try all the techniques. Am so happy for the chapter on Perfect Pearls, because I have had these for so long and never used them. Can't wait for the rest of the webisodes.
Sandhills Patty (posted 11 months 26 days ago)
Such a wonderful day of ideas! A note.. watercolor paper, does like to buckle a bit, if you're doing a large area. Fist let dry, then lightly spritz the back, then sandwich the watercolor paper, in between plain sheets of paper, with a weight on top, or in a big book. I am looking forward to the rest of the week!! Thank you ladies!
Linda (posted 11 months 26 days ago)
Gail, you are so creative! Love the vellum leaves, can't wait to try the technique you used.
Judy B (posted 11 months 26 days ago)
I really enjoyed the episode on water coloring. I may have to give it a try.
Dianne (posted 11 months 26 days ago)
What an awesome webisode!!!Such beautiful cards. And it looks like so much fun to do.
Jo-Anne (posted 11 months 26 days ago)
I am in love with watercolor pencils!I wish I was as talented as everyone at PW! And the Batik paper pack is my favorite ever! You have to keep it in stock!! Can't wait to get my pencils! Thanks PW!!
Laura (posted 11 months 26 days ago)
Thank you for making this webisode, it's wonderful, I'm glad to know these techniques are in the DVD and I love the vellum technique Gail used with the Color-Me layout. Thanks!
Kathy (posted 11 months 27 days ago)
I love it when ever you have a week of webisodes. It's like a week of presents everyday. I can't wait each day for the webisode to be available. I have the DVD coming and am waiting for the stamp set to be available. Thanks
Carol Lee (posted 11 months 27 days ago)
Great great techniques. This is going to be a great week of ideas!!
Cynthia (posted 11 months 27 days ago)
Beautiful work ladies! I love my watercolor pencils and appreciate all of the new techniques.
Terri B. (posted 11 months 27 days ago)
Thank you for the wonderful creative ideas. The cards are absolutely beautiful!
Dania (posted 11 months 27 days ago)
Thank you for a great webisode. Looking forward to the DVD.
Michelle (posted 11 months 27 days ago)
A week of webisodes is like a great big week of presents!! Thank you to everyone's hard work to giving us something to look forward to each day. It is a week of learning that I always look forward to!!
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