Time-Out Holland
November 19, 2013

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Sanhills Patty (posted 8 months 5 days ago)
Such beautiful cards!! A tip for placing the larger stickers. Use one or two flat wooden toothpicks under top or bottom edge. It is easier to center, when it doesn't all stick at once. Leave a bit of toothpick sticking out to remove after it's in the right place. I use this technique with the more fragile glitter dazzles, as I am slowly pulling up..I stick on a couple, vertically, then remove as it's placed . Thank you for the find from Holland!
Chris (posted 8 months 6 days ago)
I LOVE Cicely Mary Barker's flower fairies! The gold stickers for her artwork makes them even better. Great webisode as always, with stunning cards and lots of inspiration. Thanks so much!
Carolyn (posted 8 months 6 days ago)
OMG - I had just spent hours organizing all my Christmas embellishments and deciding which webisodes I was using for this years' cards! I thought I was done....until now! These are simply beautiful - and I happen to love fairies. Thank you so much for this find.
Annette (posted 8 months 6 days ago)
Time out Holland, and the world! Gorgeous products. Thank you for scouring the world for all the best of the best! And any moment I am going to give into my temptation and order at least 1 set of the Encrusted Jewels. They are sturnning!
Caroline (posted 8 months 7 days ago)
This is awesome. Time Out Holland's kits are beautiful. Thank you for this video.
Lynne (posted 8 months 7 days ago)
Wow, these are beautiful and your examples are breathtaking. I think I might have to start on my Christmas cards for next year!
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