Endless Christmas Cards
September 21, 2010

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Joan Bagielto (posted 3 years 7 months ago)
I LOVE this CD!! I made all my Christmas cards this year using it. Will there ever be a CD with the other Paper Flair books? That would be great!
Diana Borgum (posted 3 years 10 months ago)
You can not imagine how I look forward to your webisodes each week. Most of our card making shops have closed so I look forward to your new ideas. Thank you so much!
Allyson (posted 3 years 10 months ago)
Love the template. When I use my templates I use a different color pencil for the folds. That way it is visually easy to see where to cut and fold.
Ginny (posted 3 years 10 months ago)
I like this idea of "endless Christmas Cards". Do I need a photo printer or will a regular one be adequate?
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
A regular printer is fine but you do want it to print in color.
Kathy B (posted 3 years 10 months ago)
Thank you, thank you for bringing us such a wonderful CD! Always like your templates as well, these are going on my birthday "wish list"...
Sue (posted 3 years 10 months ago)
I love the idea of having an "endless" CD, but what type paper did you use to print these images out? What weight?
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
We simply used regular copy paper, 20#, nothing special and they turned out just great.
Connie (posted 3 years 10 months ago)
What a great idea it is going to be an endless card making time!!!!! Thanks so much you guys rock!!!
Theresa Petermann (posted 3 years 10 months ago)
I just love all the ideas your episodes spark. And I love it when you create new things to use as well as ways to use what I already have. Sometimes I really want to use what I have before adding more to the pile. Thanks so much.
Jeanne (posted 3 years 10 months ago)
Love this new CD. Combine it with the Forever Christmas Cards CD and you may never buy another Christmas Card but make beautiful individualized ones.
Maryanne (posted 3 years 10 months ago)
What a great idea. Now I can make more than one of each card. I had one of the books years ago and lamented when it was used up. Thanks for making it available again.
Cynthia (posted 3 years 10 months ago)
Thank you! What a marvelous way to archive our favorite cards and techniques.
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