Teresa's Personal Shopper: Day 5
June 29, 2012

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wendy (posted 2 years ago)
Thank you for this fabulous week of inspiration! It's been great seeing how Teresa has used the older scrapbook kits to make fantastic cards. I would love to see another series like this one - I have so many of the larger pieces of patterned paper and it's not always easy to figure out how to use them on cards. But Teresa always seems to know what to do!
Kathyrn A. Call (posted 2 years ago)
I LOVE you guys! I come away with so many ideas. The personal shoppers kits were really inexpensive for what you got! PLEASE do this again!
Susan D (posted 2 years ago)
Another great week girls! I get ideas galore from watching these webisodes. Keep up the good work!
Connie (posted 2 years ago)
yes, yes, yes for sure do this again, great savings!!!
Judy (posted 2 years ago)
Wonderful week of Webisodes. Got so many ideas for the papers I already have. Congratulations to Ann on her marriage. Love Webisodes. You work so well together. I look forward to your Webisodes.
DEBBIE DAVIS (posted 2 years ago)
Loved this week of webisodes.
So many great ideas. Keep up
the good work....we all enjoy
the creativity..
Lynn (posted 2 years ago)
Love the week of webisodes. Thanks. Ann, wishing you a fantabulous wedding day. I love you on the webisodes.
Angela Dixon (posted 2 years ago)
I enjoyed the Week of Webisodes SO MUCH (as I always do). A 'Daily Webisode' would be a wonderful way to unwind and get the creative juices flowing after a day's work.
Judi (posted 2 years ago)
Can't believe this week of webisodes is over. More, please. They've each been wonderful and full of terrific ideas. Thank you, Ann and Paulette. Judi
Debbi (posted 2 years ago)
I absolutely LOVED this Week of Webisodes! The ideas are terriffic and I just hope you don't run out of the kits before I've saved enough money to buy all of them! Please do this again. The more webisodes, the better. One of the highlights of my day!
suzy dube (posted 2 years ago)
Really enjoyed these webisodes so many ideas. Please continue doing them.

Janelle Graham (posted 2 years ago)
Best wishes for a wonderful day tomorrow, Ann. I hope the weather is stunning for you. Thanks also for an interesting and idea-filled WOW. Great cards - I'm still trying to decide which kits I like best!
Valerie (posted 2 years ago)
I just loved these webisodes. Of course, I like them all but this was very creative.
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