Tonic Cutting Dies & More
July 8, 2014

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Lisa (posted 5 hours 41 minutes ago)
I love the dies but wow are they expensive! I've looked at different ones with different sites/suppliers and I just can not justify the cost. With only a few you have invested over $100! Can anyone explain why they are so expensive?
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
The cost of the dies is determined by the amount of metal used to manufacturing them. A smaller die will cost less. The larger die would use more metal, dictating the higher the cost.
Glo (posted 11 days 10 hours ago)
Wow!!! What an extraordinary webisode. You did such a fantastic job, I am very inspired. Thank you so much.
Annette (posted 12 days 4 hours ago)
Yay, Paper Wishes and Tonic! Way to go!
Kim (posted 12 days 17 hours ago)
Gail, Gail, Gail! I don't scrapbook but if I did I would have to copy your It's the Little Things page! Your color choices and designs are my favorite! Thank you Paulette for getting the Tonic dies. Ordering soon!
Margie (posted 12 days 17 hours ago)
Gail is always using the short blade scissors. What brand are they and does Hot Off The Press sell them?
I love all the cutting dies and wish I could get all 4 Money Savers, But I can't afford them all. Will there be anymore once you sell out of your supply so I can order them later?
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
Gail uses a personal pair of scissors, however she says they are very similar to product #4008317. She also uses product #4008318. These can both be found in the catalog.
Tammy (posted 12 days 22 hours ago)
Loved the webisode!!!! Can't wait to get these and try these out!! So many ideas!!!!
Trudy (posted 13 days 2 hours ago)
I accidentally came on your sight a few weeks ago. I want to say how Wonderful you webisodes are WONDERFUL, I've been collecting scrapbook "stuff" for years. Just didn't know how to put it all together. I've already learned sooooo much from you. Thank you. Keep them coming. No other sight that gives you all the wonderful information. THANKS AGAIN. Easy to follow, full explanations.
laura (posted 13 days 8 hours ago)
I'll take one of everything. Well, then again, I'd like multiples of the metal embellishments, please.
Caroline Clapp (posted 13 days 13 hours ago)
These dies are beautiful. You did a wonderful job showing how to use each die. The sample cards and scrapbook page were awesome.
Christine (posted 13 days 17 hours ago)
Thank you for badgering Tonic to give us access to these wonderful cutting dies. They can be used for so many things and produce wonderful cards.

I love your products and your webisodes.
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