Paper Engineering
November 28, 2006

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Diane (posted 9 months 12 days ago)
I have to agree with Lady Purple - it should show step by step for each project. I am very visual oriented so it would be a great help and even if I don't get it the first time I can watch and watch till I do - like I did with other purchases I have bought here. Other than that the book is good.
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
Perhaps watching Simply Ann would suit you better. Each week at, you'll find a new video by Ann where she goes through each step to make a project. I hope this works for you.
Lady Purple (posted 5 years 3 months ago)
The book is great, it would be awesome if a step by step video could be made for each project in the book. It would be a great seller.
Lovely GG (posted 5 years 5 months ago)
I could watch this 100 more times and continue to get new ideas! Thanks
Patti Gold (posted 5 years 6 months ago)
I just saw this Book- Journal of Paper Engineering at a craft store for sale. I looked through it and it has so so many ideas in it, a wonderful book. So excited to order this whole kit . A great Kit with a SUPER Book.
MARILYN MONGOLD (posted 5 years 8 months ago)
I realized there is a lot of different ideas in using this publication,Paper Engineering. I look forward to creating the different cards they showed on this webisode.
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