March 10, 2009

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Cher (posted 4 years 2 months ago)
I was given the enveloper for xmas this year and i absolutely love it!!! This is a great product and i use is for more than just simple envelopes, I have also used it to make sack-a-lopes, which are little treat bags made out of envelopes that are great for showers and parties. Thanks again for the enveloper. Can't waite for your next idea.
Deanna Collins (posted 4 years 11 months ago)
I can answer the postage question. When I mailed one they charged me an extra 20 cents for hand cancelling.
Kathleen (posted 5 years ago)
Great tool.
Sara is actually from the north east of England (a Geordie!)
Linda (posted 5 years 1 month ago)
What are the sizes of all the envelopes you can make? Will it go down to a 3X3 size? This looks like a very useful tool! :-)
Sandy (posted 5 years 1 month ago)
I'm putting it on my wishlist right now. I'm new to looking at the videos. they're cool! What is the other tool being talked about?sho
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
I think Annette might have meant the Top Score, which is also from Creative Companion. It makes cards (at least 15 different sizes and shapes) plus boxes. It's the same technique as the Enveloper...you put your paper on the tool and score. Here’s a link to the product description:


Hope this helps and please feel free to contact me with any questions!

Cindy (posted 5 years 1 month ago)
Great tool- easy to ue Check out the web site listed on the instruction booklet. The demos make it easier to understand how to make the envelopes, boxes and the unusual wedge box
Elizabeth Garcia (posted 5 years 1 month ago)
This looks like such an easy tool to use. It's definitely making it to my wish list. I really enjoy your webisodes and tune in every week. I also love your products and have been taking advantage of your great sales. I just started a Facebook Group for fans of your products which can be found at http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=57503169014&ref=nf

Thanks for such wonderful products and webisodes.

Debby Wilcox (posted 5 years 1 month ago)
Diana Borgum (posted 5 years 1 month ago)
Wow! This is a great site.
Kathy (posted 5 years 1 month ago)
This is an excellent product! Have had mine for a couple of weeks, and is very easy to use. Thanks again for your great webisodes and products.
Annette (posted 5 years 1 month ago)
I have this tool as well as the card maker and both are so easy to use and make wonderful cards and envelopes. It's a great investment. PS - LOVE your webisodes! Keep them coming, please!
Alison (posted 5 years 1 month ago)
I bought an earlier version of this tool many months ago and it is great and very useful and so easy to use.
Wirral UK
Cndy T (posted 5 years 1 month ago)
PS.... Sara if from Southern Scotland
Cindy T (posted 5 years 1 month ago)
I purchased Sara's product 6 yrs ago while living in the UK to use on there size of papers. After moving to the states she created both the pair last march for the US sizes. I still use both and wouldnt be without them. Thanks Sara You are grand and so are your CDS.
Darla (posted 5 years 1 month ago)
What a wonderful item to have on hand. Even my Grandkids will be able to make envelopes to go with all their cards we make.
Anne (posted 5 years 1 month ago)
I have been looking at this item in catalog. So when I saw the video I was so excited. I ordered one right away.
Can't wait till the mail comes now.
Mikel (posted 5 years 1 month ago)
What a wonderful tool! Easy to use and extremely useful. Kudos to its creator and Paper Wishes for presenting it! :)
Debbie (posted 5 years 1 month ago)
This seems like a must-have tool. Thank you for using this tool in a webisode!
Sue Laflin (posted 5 years 1 month ago)
This looks like a great product. Can't wait to get one.
Jodi (posted 5 years 1 month ago)
Thank you I have been wanting one of these, but not sure if it would be easy to use, it looks like it will be wonderful.. Thanks
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