Using Patterned Papers
July 6, 2009

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Viewer Comments

Jacque (posted 5 years ago)
Wow. What great Ideas and 4 cards from one sheet of paper. I can make a scrapbook page and give a card to match!
Darlene McGee (posted 5 years ago)
I LOVE these webisodes! I get so many ideas - I'm still getting rid of the winter cobwebs in my head and these really are helpful. Please don't stop.
Thank You.
Linda (posted 5 years ago)
Your webisodes are great!
I love the cards that were made today. Going to have to try some. Thank you.
Lynn (posted 5 years ago)
I'm not much of a cardmaker - usually stick to scrapbooking, but I think I can turn the tables and make a scrapbook page using some of the tricks in these cardmaking sessions, i.e., the borders with embellishments - why haven't I thought to do that on a page. Duh! Great stuff!
Denise (posted 5 years ago)
Thank you so much for the great ideas for my 12x12 papers. I have a large collection and had no idea how to use them all. These webisodes are terrific. Can't wait to see the rest of them.
Barbara (posted 5 years ago)
I am so excited about this week of Webisodes. I was looking for ideas for cards and this week I will be in heaven. Thanks for sharing.
Barb (posted 5 years ago)
Love your weekly webisodes! Particularly the card making ones. Always looking for ways to use extra 12x12 papers. Will you be adding all this weeks shows as well as the cards instructions to the archive?
Bonnie (posted 5 years ago)
I love seeing you give different ways to make cards...This week is going to be amazing! What size envelopes do these cards fit in?
Georgia (posted 5 years ago)
I love this concept of sharing ideas. What a great idea and love the project shown can't wait for more. Thanks!
Lil (posted 5 years ago)
what great ideas-you made my day.
Kathy (posted 5 years ago)
What wonderful ideas to work with and am looking forward to more card designs I can add to my drawer of "cards for all occations".
Jane Lugar (posted 5 years ago)
I really enjoyed Webisodes. Thank you so much for the ideas.
nilsa (posted 5 years ago)
This webisode came at a very needful time....I was having sort of a design idea blockage problem, but no more...thank u very much
Ronda (posted 5 years ago)
Thanks so much for the ideas. I am not a cardmaker, just a scrapbooker but I know I can use the ideas on my scrapbook pages. Thanks for all your hard work and I look forward to seeing the rest of the webisodes!
Pam Friar (posted 5 years ago)
I wasn't sure about the webisodes but they are great. The cards are beautiful. I have a lot of patterned papers and you helped me to know how to use them. Thanks
Jackie (posted 5 years ago)
I love these series! Thanks! I too, have many 12x12 papers that are beautiful and I wasn't sure what to do with them. Now I know! Thanks ladies! You are fantastic as always!
Cathy F (posted 5 years ago)
All your shows are amazing. I am new at card making and have learned so much. Keep them coming and thanks for the ideas.
Elise (posted 5 years ago)
Thank you for more great ideas!! I too have a lot of pattern papers and this just gave me so many new ideas. Can't wait to get started. Looking forward to the rest of the week.
Mary Anne (posted 5 years ago)
Love this session. What a great way to use 12 x 12 papers. This really is a very quick way to get make many cards very quickly. Thank you!
Debbie (posted 5 years ago)
Wow, I can hardly wait for the rest of the week to get here. I love all the designs using pattened papers. Thanks So Much...
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