Engineered Card: Part II
July 9, 2009

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Viewer Comments

Yvonne Madison (posted 4 years 12 months ago)
This was my first time viewing this web page. I truly enjoyed the webisode on card making. Great ideas. I have added this web site to my favorites.
Kathy (posted 5 years ago)
Your webisodes are wonderful! I never miss one! Being an ipod owner I would love to see the webisodes available for ipod download, especially the ones for cards.
Kay (posted 5 years ago)
Thanks to everyone for the effort in putting together the week of webisodes. Fabulous ideas. I'm relatively new to papercrafting and am focusing on card making. Paper Wishes has fast become my favorite source. I've ordered all the Dazzles and subscribed to the card maker Personal Shopper. Thanks again!
Dale Sample (posted 5 years ago)
Yesterday's and today's engineered cards are the best ever. I can't wait to make just about every one of them. I already made the shaped-flower one. Cute! Thanks!
Kelly (posted 5 years ago)
Great job, Paulette! You have all have outdone themselves with this week of webisodes! I'll be teaching card-making classes this fall and can't wait to see everyone's eyes light up with these gorgeous cards -- well, they're not cards - they're works of art!! Thank you SO MUCH!
Ti (posted 5 years ago)
Thanks for the episodes. Always look forward to them, weekly and now have had every day. Really like the ones on cards. Thanks for instructions and the looks inside. Please continue with them.
Emily (posted 5 years ago)
This WOW has been inspiring! Great cards!
wanda (posted 5 years ago)
These webisodes are awesome!
So many fun new ideas. Like going to a class right at home-for some who don't have time to go to classes.Thanks!
Joy (posted 5 years ago)
I am really enjoying all these Webisodes. I have so many ideas running around my head, it hurts. I can't stay away from my craft table, and I can't wait until tomorrows' Webisode to see what else I can learn. This is the best idea ever! Thank you so much PaperWishes.
sue (posted 5 years ago)
I love your webisodes and the fact that you include the materials at a discount.
Please keep them coming.
Susan (posted 5 years ago)
This is the best WOW so far! What a dream for card makers, like me! I especially like that the inside of the cards are decorated also. Thanks PJ!
Bonnie (posted 5 years ago)
I just love the cards,Good work to the Designer
Karen, ct teacher (posted 5 years ago)
I can't thank you enough for showing how we can use your wonderful projects. No more getting "stuck"!
Evelyn (posted 5 years ago)
This is the cream of the crop. Your designer has outdone herself. Give her lots of praise
Carolyn (posted 5 years ago)
What another great episode! So, so many ideas and lessons -hard to decide where to start. Please keep these episodes coming. I look forward to getting them so very much.
Carolyn (posted 5 years ago)
What a great episode! So, so many ideas and lessons -hard to decide where to start. Please keep these episodes coming. I look forward to getting them so very much.
Monica Kehler (posted 5 years ago)
I love these shows because they give you new ideas and new ways of looking at things. Wow! what would I do without you guys...
Shirl (posted 5 years ago)
Thank you so much for your week of cardmaking webisodes. I am learning soo much. Can't wait to try the kimono card!!
Penny (posted 5 years ago)
Another idea packed webisode! The kimono card was a big surprise for how easy it was. I'm leaving my job and making cards for all my staff - this WOW is perfect timing for me.
Donna VanDermark (posted 5 years ago)
The cards are just beautiful. Thank you for these webisodes I look forward to these.
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