Stamp Camp DVD #3
July 14, 2014

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Tomorrow's Webisode: Creative Pallette

Viewer Comments

Glo (posted 10 days 11 hours ago)
This is so fabulous!!! I think Teresa should have called this Artisan Card Making Techniques. It's so great. Thanks!
Drenda Leathers (posted 11 days 21 hours ago)
I so love these helpful and informative!!
Robyn (posted 15 days 2 hours ago)
Love the new ideas!! I know you don't really have much time on the videos but could you please show more of the insides, that is the hardest thing for me sometimes, Thank you for these fun projects! You guys Rock!
Janie (posted 15 days 13 hours ago)
I have been using double sided tape and glitter for years and love it. Thank you for all of the awesome techniques!!! I can't wait to try them :)
Susie C (posted 16 days 14 hours ago)
I am viewing this after work and I am just giddy with excitement to get into my craft room to try these new techniques! This is a "wanted-for-sure" DVD for me and I have a birthday coming up soon-so guess what is going to be on my list.... LOL! I have a stamp that just says it all for me tonight... "Born to Stamp--Forced to Work!"
Carolyn Newport (posted 16 days 17 hours ago)
Hi ladies love the webosodes the DVD looks amazing thank you for all your creativity. Take care.
Anne M (posted 16 days 18 hours ago)
This DVD is amazing and it really helps that you demonstrate the techniques.
I am amazed that you keep coming up with such wonderful ideas. Keep up the good work ladies.
Annette (posted 16 days 19 hours ago)
This Week of Webisodes is off to a terrific start and I can't wait to see the rest. I've just ordered the DVD and now have to settle back and watch to see what else I may want or need! Thank you so much! And I still want to be Teresa when I grow up!
Elise (posted 16 days 22 hours ago)
I'm so excited about another week of webisodes! Love all the techniques. Thank you gals for making the projects seem so easy as you explain each technique. Looking forward to the rest of the week!
Barbara H (posted 17 days 1 hour ago)
Another WOW, awesome. If the first day is this great I can't wait for the rest of the week. Amazing job by Teresa. With Gail demonstrating the techniques it's a match made in heaven. So much talent know it's no wonder I tell everyone I know about Paper wishes. Thank you, Paulette. You're the best.
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
from Paulette: Please do tell EVERYONE!!! And thank you Barbara.
terrie (posted 17 days 5 hours ago)
Such wonderful technique...
I'm so amazed how Theresa comes out with awesome cards...
Thanks so much
Joyce Bodo (posted 17 days 6 hours ago)
WOW! Love the techniques. What a great video. Thank you.
Helen (posted 17 days 17 hours ago)
You certainly have amazingly talented people working with you. Loved all of the ideas. Definitely took notes, since I already have many of these items. All I can say is WOW!!
Jean (posted 17 days 19 hours ago)
Wow,so many techniques,it will be exciting to try them.
Martha (posted 17 days 20 hours ago)
I can't thank you enough for all the teaching techniques that you share on each webisode. I would not have known about many of these products and how to use them had it not been for your generosity in showing how to do them. Love this first day of WOW Stamp Camp ~ all I can say is Wow!
Catherine (posted 17 days 21 hours ago)
I love it, another WOW! I have always enjoyed seeing Teresa's Stamp Camp webisodes, and this is wonderful. I especially like this DVD because it is full of techniques that I really want to try. Wonderful job ladies!
Michelle Orsborn (posted 17 days 21 hours ago)
I am thrilled that we get another week of webisodes!!Everyone works so hard to provide the customers the very best, and it is appreciated!! Someone else commented how nice it is because they don't have classes available, and I am in that same boat!! Paper Wishes IS my craft class, and I am so grateful to everyone in front of the camera and behind! I have just shared with two of my friends my Love of Paper Wishes, and I am sure you will be getting some new customers. Thank You!!
Barbara L (posted 18 days 6 hours ago)
Another WOW!! This is awesome. Can't wait to try the flat embossing folder technique.
Ann (posted 18 days 15 hours ago)
Thank you, thank you. This is just absolutely wonderful. However does she come up with such amazing ideas. And thanks to you both for presenting and demonstrating the ideas.
Mary Lynn Cox (posted 18 days 16 hours ago)
Absolutely awesome!!! I can't wait to get this and try all the new ideas.
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