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August 25, 2014

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Tomorrow's Webisode: Christmas Chalkboard

Viewer Comments

Rosemary Vivian (posted 3 days 22 hours ago)
Have received my interactive templates . They are absolutely fantastic. Have already made 4 cards..
patricia p. (posted 16 days 22 hours ago)
you are great both of you and all your artists and cards and everything you do. Love that you really care about people and that they understand what they are you two.
Quite the team..
Nancy (posted 19 days 1 hour ago)
Loved this webisode and can't wait to start working on Christmas goodies. Thank you for all the awesomeness and innovative ideas.
Betty Williams (posted 19 days 8 hours ago)
are these Webesodes in CD form and how can I order them?
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
They are not available on CD, however, you can find all of our past webisodes online at Click Weekly Webisodes on our homepage, then you can search "Webisode & Gallery History" to find all of our past webisodes!
Arlene Miller (posted 20 days 3 hours ago)
the templets are great - I've been hung up on the metal templates, it does get expensive - this will be so much fun - thank you for your presentation
Karin Kindt (posted 22 days 9 hours ago)
Did I miss something? I can't find the pattern for the little box in the gallery. Thanks for your help!
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
There is no pattern needed. Teresa explains in her instructions how to measure and cut the cardstock to create more stability.
Barb W (posted 23 days 6 hours ago)
I wanted to order the Janie's Christmas Kids but didn't find it. How can I add this adorable stamp set to my massive collection! I'm sure I can't live without it!
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
The product number is #4101159 and is found in our online website
Judi (posted 23 days 8 hours ago)
These are a must have. Love the Christmas cards made with these templates. They make for lovely cards.
Karen Harris (posted 23 days 19 hours ago)
Paper Wishes is absolutely the best website for purchases and instructions! Thank you for creating the card templates. Great idea and I cannot wait to use them. Thank you for all of your fantastic webisodes!
Cynthia (posted 23 days 21 hours ago)
Are either one of the stamp sets janie's christmas that is in the nov/dec stamp club.
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
Yes, Janie's Christmas Kids will be featured in the December kit and Janie's Snow Friends will be in the November kit.
Dot A (posted 24 days 1 hour ago)
I have to admit that when I bought these cards, the first thing I did was try to make a template from one of them. I'm so happy that Paperwishes did a much better job than I did.
Catherine (posted 24 days 5 hours ago)
Greetings from hot and sunny Arizona. I love that you created templates for those wonderful die-cut cards. I love these cards and have already made a bunch of them. I love that now we can make these cards from all kinds of cardstock. I also love Janie Dawson's Christmas Kids stamp set. I will have to get those. I remember these images from a Christmas card kit I bought years ago. As always, a great webisode.
Michelle (posted 24 days 6 hours ago)
I am just THRILLED that you have made templates for these cards!! I have not wanted to buy dies to make these types of cards, because they are SO expensive, and you have come up with the PERFECT alternative, AS ALWAYS!! These have already been put in my wish list, so I can see what the rest of the week brings, but they will go into my cart!! I have to say a BIG THANK YOU!!!!! You ALWAYS come through!!!! A GREAT start to a wonderful week of webisodes!!!!
Joleen (posted 24 days 7 hours ago)
Yay! Good to see Teresa back, have missed her! Love the templates, very cool idea. Love the stamps also, (which when you click on them it says they are not available, by the way.) Looking forward to the whole week!!
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
The Janie's Christmas Kids stamp set is now available! The product number is 4101159.
Jeri (posted 24 days 8 hours ago)
love the templates!! great for all year long, not just Christmas. Gail, handmade means nothing is perfect, I once glued the card front on upside down:)
Rosie (posted 24 days 9 hours ago)
I love these templates will make these type of cards so much easier.
NADINE (posted 24 days 10 hours ago)
Brenda (posted 24 days 17 hours ago)
Wonderful templates, and I love that Gail walks us through all of them and makes the cards look so easy to create! Great job as usual, Gail! I fell in love with the Janie's Girls stamps when they came out--now I'm dying to have the Janie's Christmas Kids too--they will make some adorable Christmas cards!
Mary Ann Hiskey (posted 24 days 23 hours ago)
Love this idea! When can you get the Janie's Christmas Kids stamps? Have the other sets and they are so adorable.
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
The Janie's Christmas Kids stamps set is product #4101159 and is available now!
Steph (posted 25 days ago)
Thank you ladies for the webisodes. It helps me so much. You're great.
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