Engineered Cards: Part I
July 8, 2009

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Marianne Ford (posted 5 years ago)
These sessions are so helpful and encouraging! I work full time and find it difficult to attend classes at our local craft stores. I have wanted so much to learn the 'secrets' of card creating. This is great! Thank you so much for putting it all together. Especially this episode about 'Engineered Cards.' They are adorable and very 'do-able!'
Penny (posted 5 years ago)
These ideas are wonderful! I love making cards and there were many examples shown today I will need to "scraplift". Keep these great webisodes coming, please!
fern nissenbaum (posted 5 years ago)
The ideas are wonderful as are the free patterns. I would like to do a project "together", like in a class. im having issues getting the tonic punches to make a nice even border, and I'd like to learn how to do that. Also, I'd like to see them do a paper piecing card.
Thanks Paper Wishes!!
pat stockall (posted 5 years ago)
Just love these cards and thank you for sharing these webisodes.
Sharon Chevalier (posted 5 years ago)
your cards are great
Carol Bresee (posted 5 years ago)
Thank you ! Love the cards.
Suzette (posted 5 years ago)
I have enjoyed the weisodes.Thanks for the help.
Frankie (posted 5 years ago)
WOW! This just keeps getting better and better. I love all these wonderful ideas. Thanks.
kathy (posted 5 years ago)
What a FUN webisode! I love engineered cards, but often don't make them because they are so time consuming. These simple, elegant ideas will change all of that. This week of webisodes is fantastic! Thanks, Paperwishes!
maureen schuler (posted 5 years ago)
I found this extremly helpful everything was explained give it an A+
Linda (posted 5 years ago)
Absolutely wonderful! I love the ideas I get here.
Thanks so much for making them available.
Betty Davies (posted 5 years ago)
Sheer genius.Download is great. Will definitely mention on my blog. Thankyou so much. Betty
Vianna (posted 5 years ago)
I love these cards - they're original and different; I'm all about shaped cards these days. Thank you for ALL the webisodes over the years - I've learned so much from them. ANd for the great quality products and service, too!
Regina (posted 5 years ago)
I love all of these card making webisodes. I'm also looking for new ideas to wow everyone I make cards for, and I found them. Thank you and keep up the excellent work
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