Clearly Collage & Shaped Christmas Cards
September 8, 2009

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Karen (posted 4 years 3 months ago)
I was intimidated about making cards. But after buying this kit and making these wonderful cards I am now a cardmaker. Thanks so much!
Sandi (posted 4 years 8 months ago)
Love these webisodes, but do have to dispute Sarah's point that Stickles will last forever--not if you make these cards with 5 grandchildren!!!LOL
reta strong (posted 4 years 10 months ago)
lots of great ideas. thanks guys.
cath (posted 4 years 10 months ago)
love your ideas
Debbie (posted 4 years 10 months ago)
I enjoy watching all the episodes. Wish I seen this before I made the birthday cards. Seeing how to make the cards is easier then figuring out the directions.
Marianne McCoy (posted 4 years 10 months ago)
I love it all. I have prayed about finding a way to make money by doing what I love to do. Making cards and scrapbooking. One day my prayers will be answered. Thanks for sharing.
Evelyn Hutson (posted 4 years 10 months ago)
Your designs are spectacular. I have ordered in the past kits that the elements had to be cut out. I am very scissors challanged - practice does not make perfect as I am a Grandmother X 9 - so I shy away from cutting. What you have shown today may be too much to resist and I won't be happy with the outcome.
I have learned much from your webasodes. Keep it up!
Cynthia (posted 4 years 10 months ago)
How fun! Thank you again for such great ideas, and putting it all together for us.
Ailsa Crane (posted 4 years 10 months ago)
Wow, the shaped cards are just so much fun and the clear sticker sheets are great!! I work to a strict budget because a lot of my cards are made for charities but I am sure I can adapt some of the ideas for this year's sale stock
Dolores (posted 4 years 10 months ago)
I already have both sets of these cards and I loved them both. It was so amazing to see the cards look so professional from someone like me and would recommend you to grab them right now, if you don't have this set. I usually do scrapbooking, but once you get started you don't want to stop playing with them and watch the shaped cards come alive. I did add the flocking to the car with the Christmas tree on top and well pleased with both sets.
Karen (posted 4 years 10 months ago)
TOO CUTE!! You've done it again. I love it.
Joan (posted 4 years 10 months ago)
Loved this episode! It gave me so many ideas for Christmas cards. I can't wait to start making them.
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