Teresa's Personal Shopper: Day 5
June 29, 2012

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LEW (posted 1 year 11 months ago)
I so love your site and esp. these great Webisodes. Please keep them coming, being new to card crafting, they are extremely helpful such beautiful card. Wonderful ideas. lew
Kathy B (posted 1 year 11 months ago)
I know this is late, but just finished watching these great Week of Webisode videos...always enjoy learning new ways to use products! Thank you so much :D
Judith A Halvorsen (posted 2 years ago)
The question is not IF you should do again, but WHEN! Yes and VERY SOON.
Mary Cyr (posted 2 years ago)
Great idea - I bought some old kits based on the webisodes this month. I am a new customer and love your products. I am already a VIP. Thanks. Mary
Janene G (posted 2 years ago)
Great idea to feature old kits combined with new products. I keep my kits forever and this gives me ideas on ways to use leftover products. Love your webisodes - they are a midweek treat.
Jean (posted 2 years ago)
I was a club member back then (2007) and remember all the papers and how I used them - thanks for the new ideas and please more trips back with new ideas - I keep all the project ideas and use them for inspiration. Best wishes to Anne.
Sandra (posted 2 years ago)
I truly appreciate your webisode since their is no craft shows on tv. I like the fact that you demonstrate how the products can be use.
Ruby (posted 2 years ago)
By all means, do it again and again! Love all the webisodes. I would rather watch them than anything on tv!
Terri (posted 2 years ago)
I have to echo the comments from everyone else. I loved every day of last week! I would really like more scrapbook ideas also. Anne, I'm sure your wedding was wonderful, may you and Felix have a happy and blessed marriage.
Cristina (posted 2 years ago)
I just love so much all the beautiful ideas that you have showed to us.
I really enjoy the weekly webisodes.Do you think that maybe you could include one or two more days of webisodes a week ?
I juat love the ideas and the supplies you have are tremendous!
Keep up the great work.
And congrats to Ann and Felix,MAY THIS WONDERFUL love never die!
Gail (posted 2 years ago)
Thank you for your wonderful WOW. Keep them coming. Is the washi tape the same as the trendy tape?
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
Washi tape is another name for Trendy Tape, they are one in the same!
kel (posted 2 years ago)
i never miss a webisode. really enjoyed the ideas for this week. congrats ann!
Sharron H (posted 2 years ago)
I LOVE your webisodes. It is the highlight of my week. I especially like the weeks that you have 5 webisodes. Tell Teresa she is awesome and very motivating. Thank you
Carol (posted 2 years ago)
I just look forward to each and every webisode you have, especially the 5 days of webisodes. The more the merrier! I get SOOO many ideas and marvel at the products and examples you show us! By far my most favorite website! Keep up the GREAT work!
Carolyn (posted 2 years ago)
Thank you, thank you team!
Teresa's idea was a great one -- hope there's yet another wow like this one. Like the others who commented, revisiting our older supplies is so very appreciated. Ideas just seem to have no end!
And Ann, congratulations and may you and your husband be blessed throughout your years together. Hopefully someone made you a wedding shower scrapbook!? As always, looking forward to your next WOW.
Gloria (posted 2 years ago)
I love what you did with the week of webidoses, it's very inspiring, and makes me want to get busy!
martha eddy pieres celis (posted 2 years ago)
Ohhh Dios quiero tener todos los kit, muy lindo todo lo que ensean. Un saludo desde Colombia
Renee Cassidy (posted 2 years ago)
So may great ideas in this week of webisodes! Congratulations to Ann and Felix and am looking forward to seeing some pictures of the wedding worked into some projects!
Sue (posted 2 years ago)
I love the WOW. The more the better. I always learn something new and Theresa is fabulous. Can't wait to see what she comes up with next. I have all of her DVDs so far. Congrats to Ann and hubby. Paulette, you and Ann are awesome. I hope to come to girlfriends getaway this year. Is there a way for me to get the info now?
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
Girlfriends Getaway will be Saturday, Oct. 13 this year here in Canby, Oregon. We'll have Debbie (dsamples@hotp.com) get you the information in an email.
Joyce McNealy (posted 2 years ago)
I love your Week of Webisodes
and would love to see more. So many great ideas!
Congratulations Ann on your wedding. I wish you happiness and blessings forever.

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