New 2014 Winter Stamps
January 28, 2014

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Carolyn (posted 6 months 1 day ago)
So well done. Simply beautiful ideas. Thank you...
You both deserve that nap!!
Karen (posted 6 months 1 day ago)
Love, love, love!! these types of webisodes...I love knowing different ways to use materials!! These techniques are so fun!!
Sandhills Patty (posted 6 months 1 day ago)
I absolutely love all the new products and ALL the ideas and demos! Lots of hard work for all you. Thank you! I would like to see some western paper to stamp those feathers on. I need more "guy" card fixins!
Janette Draper (posted 6 months 1 day ago)
Thank you so much for another FUN and INSPIRING episode! Makes me want to 'do it all' now - - but I'll wait till I get some necessary chores done first. Trying to be a good girl.
Annette (posted 6 months 1 day ago)
The promo page, Wow! Beautiful. And Butterflies, feathers, etc.,and all the techniques, thank you so much!
Renee (posted 6 months 1 day ago)
Great video ladies, really enjoyed this one. You have so many fabulous ideas and I love that you share them so nicely with us!
Glory-Ann (posted 6 months 1 day ago)
Gail, your Feathers Dream Card is gorgeous. You are one talented lady. What a nice display of other cards too. Great job to the team!
Barb (posted 6 months 1 day ago)
I can see that I should have gotten these small stamps. This is a great video; I always enjoy when you show real techniques I can duplicate. Like these so much more than the "paper engineering" type cards. Thanks ladies.
Diane (posted 6 months 1 day ago)
I need a cup (more than one) of money just to afford all your wonderful goodies that I can't afford! Its so not fair! I'll go cry softly in my corner.
Diana F (posted 6 months 1 day ago)
Wonderful episode. Loved seeing the new stamps in action. Have a question the technique used on the Dream Feathers card. When you stamp the image using the perfect medium and then apply the perfect pearls to that, do you have to do something to then set the perfect pearls to keep them from rubbing off the image, like spritz it with water?
Reply from Paper Wishes Customer Service:
When using the Perfect Pearls medium or VersaMark, you can gently use a heat tool to set, but be careful, it can blow off. Susan suggests using water then spritzing it with a light touch of water sets it better than anything else.
Laura (posted 6 months 1 day ago)
I love all the new stamps, but I'm especially partial to the feathers. I'll have to put them on my wish list for now.
Sharon (posted 6 months 1 day ago)
Ladies - again love it. Agree the black and white Prom sheet is very striking and elegant. Thank you.
Caroline Clapp (posted 6 months 2 days ago)
Love all the stamps and what you have done with them. You are so informative. I need to plant a money tree. Thank you.
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