Ann's First Look: NEW Artful Card Kits plus Dazzles
May 2, 2014

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Cathy (posted 2 months 24 days ago)
This has been a fantastic week of webisodes. Paulette, you look so proud of Ann, and Ann should be proud of her designs. I love the bright colors of the two Artful Card kits. I am very inspired by all of the designs throughout this week. I just might see how many cards that I can make from an Artful Card kit (plus Dazzles) and do a series of blogs. I would love to see more of Ann's work in future webisodes. I do read her weekly blog.
Elise (posted 2 months 24 days ago)
Thanks for sharing Ann's many talents with us this week! Ann must have spent many hours putting these together for us. It must have been a real challenge with little Gaberial nearby! Loved every webisode!!! The artful card kits and dazzles are super, as all of PW's great products!
Daria (posted 2 months 24 days ago)
Ann, fabulous job on your projects. You are so talented and I loved everything you did. PW, your new products are so beautiful I'm having a hard time choosing what I want to get first. Thanks for your great product, your great service and your great webisodes. Well done everyone.
Lila Willett (posted 2 months 24 days ago)
Love your new catalog.Will order when return from vacation.
Stephanie (posted 2 months 24 days ago)
Ann did a fabulous job this week. Thank her for all the creative work to make this week so much fun & so inspiring.
Kim Folstrom (posted 2 months 24 days ago)
Wow what a wonderful week! Ann, you are amazing! Thank you all for the great new products and super fun ideas. Love the webisodes, especially the Week of webisodes!!
Kathy Ellwanger (posted 2 months 24 days ago)
So sad to see this week end, I loved all the ideas, Ann is so creative. Thanks for all the ideas
Barbara Gilstrap (posted 2 months 24 days ago)
What a wonderful week! Ann is so creative. Also enjoyed the picture of her son.

Lynn G. (posted 2 months 24 days ago)
This has been a fun week of webisodes . Great job Ann . !
Kathy S. (posted 2 months 24 days ago)
Awesome webisodes all week.
Ann did a great job on all the projects
Candy Thompson (posted 2 months 24 days ago)
Ann's card were simply amazing! Can't wait to see more of her ideas.
Heather (posted 2 months 24 days ago)
Kudos Anne. I didn't always like the paper but as each of your creations was revealed my reaction was WOW!
Ann Scheie (posted 2 months 24 days ago)
WOW,just finished watching
Ann's first look webisodes.
Amazing It's so nice to see the results of Ann's growth as a designer
Rita Swanger (posted 2 months 24 days ago)
Really enjoyed Ann's Week of Webisodes! Good job!
Gloria Buchanan (posted 2 months 24 days ago)
Great job Ann, I live for these weeks of webisodes, please have more real soon, again great job.
T. Karen J. (posted 2 months 24 days ago)
Sad to see the week end. Its been a very inspirational WOW. I do appreciate all of Ann's hard work. Great job Ann. Also,
thanks to Paulette and Gail for explaining
all the techniques. I always learn a lot from watching all the webisodes. Thank You
Glo (posted 2 months 24 days ago)
I have a great big smile on my face! So many techniques, tips, I love it all !!! Thank you Ann and ladies.
Val (posted 2 months 24 days ago)
Loved the week, Ann. Believe I'll order my own Mother's Day gift based on your work. Thanks so much.
Dorothy (posted 2 months 24 days ago)
I really enjoyed the week of webisodes. congrats to Ann. great new things!
Rita (posted 2 months 24 days ago)
WOW! So enjoyed this week of webisodes. Ann had so many wonderful projects - a very talented young lady! It seems all your designers are very imaginative. Thanks so much for sharing! I look forward to all your webisodes.
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