Metal Stencil Ideas
July 21, 2009

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gayle k (posted 4 years 11 months ago)
I love all your Webisodes and have a binder full of your projects. I've also told several others about your site and they love it as well. Keep up the good work.
Debra (posted 5 years ago)
I always enjoy your webisodes.You always have so many great ideas. I need to get my metal stencils out and experiment with them.
Glenda (posted 5 years ago)
due to physical disability and being deaf I keep myself busy with online crafts
iris frank (posted 5 years ago)
Hi gals! Always enjoy the webisodes. The two of you are entertaining as well. Something I would like to see is a webisode with overlays. There are lots of things that can be done with them, is it possible for a future project ? See you over coffee, Iris Frank
Donna Kulics (posted 5 years ago)
The art and craft show was great
Traci (posted 5 years ago)
Yeah!! Metal stencils!!! Thanks for making them available to us! I feel guilty buying them from another place! No more!

Holly, (I hope they let us answer each other's questions in here.)
I often use chalk/pastels with mine. If there is print on the stencil, I put that face down. I use the special tape to hold the stencil and not rip the paper when done. I have a special brush to put the chalk on and use it in circles only...starting with a bit and making it darker. Blow extra chalk off carefully. Let sit for a few minutes after using the eraser. Use an art eraser to get rid of marks you don't want. Have fun!

I use my stencils and my wonderful collection of templates for all of my cards.
Vicky (posted 5 years ago)
What a great video, it gave me the inspiration to dig out my stensils and get crafting Thanks.
sandyh (posted 5 years ago)
great video! you gals are always fun to watch! hmmm...jody asked about running them through the cuttlebug. they are pretty thin stencils....i wonder if you could get a good impression without bending the stencil. might have to try it out!
Lisa (posted 5 years ago)
More great ideas for products I already have.
Thanks love your webisodes.
Yvonne (posted 5 years ago)
Thank you for all the neat projects that you show, it's unbelievable all the new methods I have learned from your weekly videos. Keep up the good work and hope to learn new ways of card and scrapbooking methods to make in the future.
Lillian Child (posted 5 years ago)
Very interesting demo. Thanks. Curious, though, why Paper Wishes does not offer contests, product prizes, etc. as do most of the other scrapbook product websites. We all LOVE contests and free giveaways!!
Monica (posted 5 years ago)
As I live in India, I ordered the Daisey stencil from paperwishes and a freind brought it down for me.. Have embossed and painted on cards (using a cotton bud)and metalic pens and the results are simply beautiful !
Gay Lovins (posted 5 years ago)
I thought the Metal Stencil Ideas were great! So beautiful --- and clever. I had no idea!!
karren (posted 5 years ago)
This is really "cool". I am always looking for ways to use all of my tools in a new way. AWESOME!!
jodie (posted 5 years ago)
Great stencils. what about dry embossing in cuttelbug?
Nicolle (posted 5 years ago)
Some really neat ideas..thanks girls...;)
Holly (posted 5 years ago)
The stencils look really great and makes some great looks. I was wondering if you can use chalk with them and get good results?
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