Teresa's Personal Shopper: Day 3
June 27, 2012

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Sharon D (posted 2 years ago)
During this video Paulette spoke of the matting of the vintage labels. I use the Magic Matter, item # 7260153, which I have put into use after purchasing the various labels templates Paperwishes carry. It really works, even though my scissor skills aren't the greatest.
Kathy (posted 2 years ago)
I agree John the cameraman is outstanding! Love Love all these new ideas . Can't wait to go play.
Dottie (posted 2 years ago)
comment you dont usually get!
Thank you camera man, you are good! You seem to just know where to go with that camera
SNJ (posted 2 years ago)
Yes, all the Tonic Petal Pairs do fit in the border punch
gizmo! :)
Martha (posted 2 years ago)
I am loving this week of webisodes, but I have a complaint!! I will have to work some overtime to buy all these goodies!! Thanks for all the awesome ideas!!
Teresa Galvan (posted 2 years ago)
I love the flower look they're so pretty. Where does Teresa get all these ideas? God Bless her. They all wonderful too bad is day three. Thanks ladies.
Elise (posted 2 years ago)
All I can say is amazing.
Deanna (posted 2 years ago)
Kathleen beat me to it. to make 1/8th 1/4th or 3/8th inch mats. Use the Magic Matter. Id be lost without it and it doesn't matter what the shape of the item is.. you can mat it! Some shapes will require just a little bit of hand trimming but most really won't handy to have around. Here's the PW link to the set. http://www.paperwishes.com/products/7260153000
Jeanne (posted 2 years ago)
Loved the locks, and pulls.
Annette (posted 2 years ago)
Love all the ideas, keep them coming. My only gripe, it's already Day 3! It's going too fast!
Rhonda (posted 2 years ago)
Thank you for the amazing great new ideas for the personal shopper kits! Well done Teresa & PaperWishes!
Gisela Diehl (posted 2 years ago)
You've done it again, love the new perspective on an old Personal Shopper Kit.Excellent work,looking forward to more of those Webisodes this week.Thank you so much for sharing!
Kathleen A. Kraus (posted 2 years ago)
You mentioned in this Webisode that all of the white matting of the flowers, etc. was done carefully freehand, that there was no secret. However, you do see the Magic Matter (I have one) and it works splendidly and comes in three sizes.
kathyc (posted 2 years ago)
Loved the ideas in today's webisode. I think it is wonderful that you include your fabulous textured cardstock in with the scrapbooking kit. As you know, I am a huge fan of your cardstock. It is the perfect weight, beautiful colors, lightly textured and wonderful to work with. I have stacks of it. My absolute favorite!

And, on the tonic punches, I have scads of those as well. I'm wondering, could you use the petals in the border punch gizmo to make borders? That would be a fun look if you could. I know you couldn't weave them together, but think it would look great.
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