Ann's Summer Look: Die-Cut Cards
June 3, 2014

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Martie Rollin (posted 28 days 20 hours ago)
This Webisode has just flown many luscious ideas. Ann is such a delightful designer...every card is amazing! Her creative use of products is so interesting. She definitely thinks outside that box! This half hour was time well spent!
Carol Lee (posted 1 month 13 days ago)
Wow what wonderful cards!! I definitely will be buying some!!
Glo (posted 1 month 18 days ago)
Oh wow!!!
These die-cut cards are amazing! Thank you!
Elaine (posted 1 month 20 days ago)
Love all your examples of the cards. I'm with Laura on the swing heart card..'never say never'.

If you turn the heart upside down you can make it into a ladybug.
Carol (posted 1 month 20 days ago)
Ann you did a fabulous job. The colors and combinations are outstanding. It is a shame to hide your beautiful work on the inside of the step cards. When I make them, I decorate the back so when the stand up you can enjoy both sides. Just a suggestion.
Diane Lynne C. (posted 1 month 20 days ago)
I saw these cards and envelopes in your catalogue and am so glad to see a Webisode on them. Thanks for all the wonderful examples, Ann. Thanks for sharing!
terrie (posted 1 month 20 days ago)
Ann, you outdid yourself on these cards...each one of them are them all
Well done ladies...
Rita (posted 1 month 20 days ago)
Wow! Wow! Wow! You've taken something so simple looking and created amazing cards. Your team's creativity is without bounds. Thanks so much for sharing!
Michelle (posted 1 month 20 days ago)
I just love these kits!! They have diecuts out there that turn your cards into "flip it" cards, but they are really expensive! This gives you a chance to try these out, see how you like them, and such and affordable alternative!! Thank you again Paper Wishes for thinking of your customers!! Another great episode, but they always are!!
patricia p. (posted 1 month 20 days ago)
Wow you gals are such good hosts. Not only are you showing us how to do things but you bring such great quality of work to us all the time. You girls make it all look so fun and easy. Great presenters and hosts. You were great together and it is so fun watching your video's. Great job. Beautiful cards.
Thank you
Kim (posted 1 month 20 days ago)
Another super awesome webisode! Love these pre cut cards. So much easeier than measuring! Ann as always you are amazing! And Paulette and Gail you make it so fun and interesting as you go through each card. Thank you all!
Martha (posted 1 month 20 days ago)
Wow, these are some of the most breathtaking cards I have ever seen on here and that's saying a lot! Great job, Ann, they are stunning!!
Cathy (posted 1 month 20 days ago)
BLESS YOU! I had to buy these cards, I NEED them. I spend a lot of time figuring out the engineering of these kinds of cards, and this saves me so much time. I haven't had a chance to see the swing style cards. AND because you are Hot Off the Press, you give templates for cutting the paper to fit the cards. Bless you again!
Elise (posted 1 month 20 days ago)
Wow! These card ideas are beautiful and amazing, Ann! Paulette and Gail, you've done another great job in carefully explaining each technique that Ann has done! I'm thrilled that PW has now included the basic card structures which makes the cards so much easier to complete. Can't wait for tomorrow's Webisode!!!
Rose (posted 1 month 21 days ago)
You hit a HOME RUN (I've been watching a lot of baseball since my Grandson plays) on these! You've taken all the work out of engineered cards. What a great idea. Can't wait to start experimenting and, as you said, take my cards to a whole new level. My friends and family are all so impressed already with my cards. Can't wait to hear their comments when I send them one of these.
A word to Ann-Your ideas are truly FANTASTIC!!
Eileen Bernier (posted 1 month 21 days ago)
I hardly know what to say about these. Wow comes to mind....Awesome also, but those words don't seem descriptive enough. So fun!
Judi Edder (posted 1 month 21 days ago)
Ann's done it again. Wonderful cards. I love the ones where she switched the folds and made some really neat cards. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's projects.
Kathy (posted 1 month 21 days ago)
Awesome cards
laura (posted 1 month 21 days ago)
This is a "warning" to Paulette. Never tell a creative person he/she "can't" do something. You said we can't turn the heart upside down...I took that as a challenge. I've got an inkling of an idea, but I'll have to test it out first. Maybe you should have a contest to see who can come up with the most creative upside-down heart? I've never posted a picture of any of my cards, but if I'm successful with this one...I'll post it for sure.
Shirley (posted 1 month 21 days ago)
Wow! Ann outdid herself with this collection. Every card was more lovely than the one before.
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