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2 Green, Burgundy and Gold Baubles

LeNae Gerig

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Designer’s Tip: This kit makes 4 large and 2 super-size 5½ “ wide baubles. These are very easy to make using the pre-scored die-cut circles. All you need is glue stick and a ribbon for hanging.



  1. To make a super-sized bauble, punch out 20 large die-cut circles. Make sure to mix and match the circle colors. Knot the ends of a 9” length of ½” wide Christmas Cheer green dot ribbon. Create the top of the bauble by folding on the scored lines and gluing the top 2 folded flaps of 5 circles together around the knotted ribbon, to form a cap shape with a loop extending from the top. Create the base of the bauble in the same way, without the ribbon.
  2. Center Section: Fold and glue a row of 10 circles, creating a strip. Wrap the strip into a loop and glue the end flaps. Glue the five flaps from the bottom of the center section to the 5 flaps on the top of the base. Repeat for the top of your bauble.
  3. Glue 2 green “Festive Greetings” oval die-cuts back to back around the base of ribbon hanger.
  4. Small bauble: Repeat steps above using the small circles and ¼” wide Christmas Cheer cream sheer ribbon and the ivory oval die-cut greeting.