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   Layouts With Pizazz

By LeNae Gerig

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  1. Use the brown paper with large medallions as the background. Tear the right edge off a 4 1/2"x12" piece of pink dotted paper. Glue the dotted paper even with the left edge of the background, leaving the torn edge unglued. Tear the right edge off a 4"x12" piece of brown circles paper and glue it even with the left edge of the dotted paper.
  2. Double-mat a 6"x9" photo on brown, then aqua cardstock, trimming both mats to 1/16". Glue the photo to the background, tucking the left edge under the torn edge of the dotted paper. Add three pink mini brads down the top right edge of the photo. Glue a brown tag horizontally, even with the bottom right side of the page and overlapping the bottom of the photo. Sand a pink medallion brad and add it to the tag's tab.
  3. Punch out pink monograms to represent the age. Punch a few series of 1/16" holes in the monograms. Mat the monograms on white cardstock, trimming the mats to about 1/16". Glue the monograms in the top left corner of the page.
  4. Attach two medallion cut-outs in the bottom left corner of the page, one with glue and one with foam tape. Sand the edges of an aqua big brad. Punch a 3/4" circle out of pink dotted paper, write the year on it and glue it to the top of the big brad. Attach the brad near the cut-outs, then attach a large white silk flower with six aqua mini brads in the center.
  5. Computer journal in strips on white cardstock. Ink the edges of each strip, then foam tape them throughout the page.

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A tip from LeNae: When tearing paper, you have control over the final look of the torn edge. Depending on the direction you pull the paper, you will get either a patterned edge or a white edge. While holding onto the piece you want to use, pulling it toward you will produce a patterned edge, while pulling away from you leaves a white edge. Leave the edge white, or chalk it any color you like!

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