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Using Slide Mounts

by Sara Naumann

It seems like everyone is talking about slide mounts, those cute little paper embellishments originally made towell, mount slides! So, how can you use them in your scrapbook? And what about cards? We have the answers, plus tips and ideas for slide mount techniques. All projects are reprinted from Using Ephemera: It’s Easier Than You Think.

By Paris Dukes

Paris used a direct-to-paper inking technique to dab lavender ink on the slide mounts. She tied pieces of fiber into a bow, then attached them to the slide mounts with Zots. Each slide mount acts as a frame for an embossed paper word.

Paris page started with a striped background sheet. She tore a 12" piece of lavender vellum diagonally and placed it on top of the striped paper. Before gluing the vellum, she did direct-to-paper inking on the cut-out Words and Definitions Ephemera. After she placed her definitions on the page, she glued them to the vellum, then lifted the vellum and applied adhesive to the underside of the vellum only where the definitions would hide it. She secured the vellum to the background sheet, then added her matted photos, slide mounts and embossed paper letters.


Definitions & Words Ephemera
Part not in database (may have been discontinued): #4350
Grape Jelly Fiber Pack
Embossed Paper Cut-Outs™ Tinted Letters (to spell Ben and Annie)
Embossed Paper Pewter & Copper Fragments Cut-Outs™ (for live, laugh, love, forever)
burgundy stripe paper from Mixing Carlee’s Papers
Part not in database (may have been discontinued): #15520 (for the mat)
Pastel Purple Vellum (for the background)
Victorian Violet Brilliance ink pad
Silver Mini Brads
Small Zots™

An American in Paris
By Shauna Berglund-Immel

Shauna covered slide mounts with black textured paper, then wrapped fibers around them. She used four to create her border, using the slide mounts to frame ephemera images and to highlight the numbers in the year. Another slide mount is covered with paper, wrapped with fiber and highlights Amy in the large photo.

For her background, Shauna placed a 8" wide strip of city words paper on top of the light texture background paper, fastening them with silver brads at each corner. She matted the large photo on black, then ivory, and edged with a black ink pad. Shauna also used a slide mount as a template for cutting out the small photo of Amy. The letters to spell out American and Paris were cut from the alphabet in Journey Ephemera, as were the numbers to spell the year; Shauna computer-generated the words An and in and her journaling. Notice she edged each letter, number and text block with black ink.


Journey Ephemera
Part not in database (may have been discontinued): #4350
Coconut Fiber Pack
Embossed Paper Brushed Gold & Silver Fragments (Paris)
Patterned paper: Words, Letters & Textured Papers
Black cardstock: Paper Pizazz Black Cardstock Pack
Ivory paper: Plain Pastels
Graphite Black Brilliance ink pad
100 Gold Mini Brads

Bon Voyage Card
by Arlene Peterson

Arlene used the slide mounts as frames for miniature vintage postcards printed on vellum. She covered each slide mount with tan paper, then aged them with brown, yellow and tan chalk. She placed a slide mount over each of the three vellum postcards and attached them with adhesive.

Arlene covered the front of the card with city words paper, chalking the edges of the paper with brown chalk. She cut out the suitcase and one luggage sticker from the Journey Ephemera, then tore out and crumpled the other images. She added the slide mounts as shown, then spelled out Bon Voyage with embossed paper letters and added fibers to the fold of the card.


Journey Ephemera
Part not in database (may have been discontinued): #4350
Chocolate Fiber Pack
Patterned paper: Ephemera Background Papers
Embossed Paper Brushed Gold & Pewter Letters Cut-Outs™ (to spell bon voyage)
Tan paper (to cover the slide mounts): Teresa’s Handpicked Solid Muted Papers
5x6 1/2 blank card

Warning: Weve found slide mounts to be addicting! In fact, we love using them on layouts, cards, altered books, journals and collage projects. Paper Pizazz acid-free slide mounts come in two styles: Part not in database (may have been discontinued): #4350 and circle. Each pack contains 5 folded slide mounts; separate them at the perforated line and you have 10 each. Even better, theyre just $1.99 per pack!