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Vellum Boquets

Vellum Bouquets

A Bouquet of Vellum Page Ideas! We love vellum! We just cant resist mixing and matching colored and patterned vellum sheets with patterned papers, first trying this check sheet with that pastel vellum, and this floral vellum with that plaid.

While we were playing, we made a few discoveries about coordinating vellum papers with pastel patterned papers!

We all know that while a single sheet of vellum paper is lovely all by itself, you really need to place a patterned paper companion underneath the vellum sheet. Are there any rules? Well, no, actually there arentits truly a matter of what looks good to you. And while some scrappers like the No Rules approach, others feel more confident with a few guidelines and examples.

We think these examples will suit both types of scrappers! If you want to see some incredible vellum and patterned paper combinations, come play with us and see what weve discovered!

Combo #1:
Soft Tints and Part not in database (may have been discontinued): #3081. Simply slip a piece of patterned paper from Soft Tints underneath a patterned vellum sheet from Floral Vellum Papers and watch the colors shift and change.

Notice how the yellow stripe brings out the yellow in the rose, while the pink check makes the rose look pink. What color combination best suits the colors in your photograph?

Combo #2:

Soft Florals & Patterns and Part not in database (may have been discontinued): #3090. These two work together extremely well. Here we started our page with a sheet of soft pansies from Soft Florals & Patterns. Layering a lavender pastel vellum paper brings the muted flowers into sharper focus while highlighting the green leaves in the background.

Soft Florals is a book of 12"x12" papers patterned with soft colors and muted designs. Each soft floral paper has a coordinating sheet of soft stripes, dots or checks. Combine it with Pastel Vellum Papers for a great collage look, easy mats, borders and layering.

Combo #3:
Part not in database (may have been discontinued): #3090 and Soft Tints. And yes, combining the vellums in Pastel Vellum Papers with the prints in Soft Tints also looks great.

Just look at this sweet baby page!

Designer Susan Cobb made a blue pastel vellum envelope, then lined the inside with a piece of blue stripe from Soft Tints . She double-matted the photo on blue pastel vellum and light blue pastel vellum and tucked the photo inside the envelope. A die-cut heart, some silver penwork and a navy blue bow are the finishing touches. Her blue tone-on-tone dot background paper is from Soft Tints, and coordinates with the blue stripe paper perfectly.

The best things about this scrapbooking technique? First, the papers in these Paper Pizazz books are coordinated by color and themeso you have a range of paper options at your fingertips when mixing and matching papers.

And this technique is simple scrapbooking at its best! All you have to do next is mat your photos and place them on top of the vellum. Its quick, easyand gives extraordinary results!