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A Birthday Wish

A Birthday Wish
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tips: I backed some of the 3-D Dazzles with paper, then folded the petals/wings in to show the dimension. Crystals are the perfect sparkly embellishment for these shiny silver Dazzles. I used a tag to create a closure for this card by cutting a slit in the card front and tucking the end of the tag inside the slit. The other end of the tag is attached to the back.



  1. With the fold at the left, cover the card front with pink/purple/blue/green floral border paper, with the border at the left side. Fold the tag 1 from the bottom. Turn the tag so the fold is at the right side, then write or computer print greeting on the rectangular space left of the fold. Back the tag with purple paper and place over the right edge of the card, from the top. Use a pencil to mark the paper on the card front on both sides of the tag, 1/4 from the end. Remove the tag and open the card face up on your cutting surface. Use a ruler and knife to cut a slit between the pencil marks, about 1 long, through the card front only. Repeat to make a slightly wider slit. Replace the tag over the card front to make sure the end will fit into the slit easily, and adjust if needed. Glue the folded right side of the tag to the back of the card and tuck in the left end of the tag.
  2. Remove butterfly stickers and flower stickers from the sheet and back them on purple or blue paper. Trim around the edges and attach to the card front as shown. Fold the wings or petals in, for a 3-D look. Attach to the card front as shown. Trim small flower sticker to fit in the flower bud design on the border. Add crystals as shown.
  3. Inside the card: Pull the end of the tag out of the slit to open the card. Cut a 5"x1 rectangle from remaining border paper and mat on purple. Write or computer print a message on the center. Glue across the inside, centered near the tag. Back a butterfly sticker and flower sticker with purple paper and attach as shown. Add small flower sticker centered on the flower, and trim a small flower to fit inside the bud on the border. Add crystals as shown.