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A Cuppa Template Teabag Card & Envelope

A Cuppa Template Teabag Card & Envelope
By Lodell Halvorson

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Designer Tip: Use a small piece of acetate or plastic as a palette when painting with blender pens.


  1. For the Teabag Envelope: Place striped paper face down, trace envelope template and cut out. Score fold lines. Place blue paper face down and turn template over. Trace envelope template and cut out. Score on fold lines and glue both papers together to create double-sided envelope. Trim edges and cut slit with blade. Fold and glue tabs to create envelope. Sponge distress ink around the edges. Emboss Youre Tea-riffic on flap. Emboss butterfly on white cardstock and cut out. Glue to the flap with wings folded up for dimension.
  2. For the Teabag Card: Place pink paper face down and trace card template with the edge along the lace edge of the paper. Cut out and score along fold lines. Sponge around edges with distress ink. Stamp teacup with StazOn® ink on card and again on white cardstock. Cut out cup only and foam tape to the card over the other cup so that only the steam swirls show. Emboss Fancy a cuppa and TEA. Stamp small teabag on white cardstock and cut out tag using template. Stamp small amount of chalk ink on plastic and use as a palette for the blender pens. Color images with blender pens. Add glitter to small areas on the teacup, butterfly and tag for extra sparkle. Staple bakers twine to the card and staple tag to the other end, tying a knot on the back so it wont slip out of the staple.