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A Snowy Friend globe

LeNae Gerig

A Snowy Friend globe
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer's Tip: Fold scored rocker tabs in a valley fold so that the rocker collapses easily for boxing and shipping.



  1. 1) Assemble the A Snowy Friend pyramid pieces with foam tape. Glue a snow globe on top and glue the silver textured surround over the edge of the snow globe.
  2. 2) Rocker: Place double-sided tape to the back of the snowflake rocker base, placing it only between the two score lines at the rocker center. Fold the base over so the scored section sticks to the front of the rocker base. (The front of the rocker will be the section that has the "wings" on it). Fold back the remaining score line so that the back section will support the rocker base and prevent it from tipping over.
  3. 3) Fold the side wings along the score lines and fix the open edge to the back rocker section to give it support.
  4. 4) Glue the shaped silver textured panel to the front of the rocker base. Glue the printed panel to the center of the silver panel. Foam tape the sentiment to the center panel.
  5. 5) Glue the bottom back of the globe to the top front of the rocker. Fold rocker flat and place in assembled box for mailing or gift giving.