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A Warm Hello Card

A Warm Hello Card
Designer: Ann Bernklau

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  1. With the fold on the top, cover the card with brown paper with the lace border along the bottom.
  2. Take the multi-stripe paper and turn it so the stripes are horizontal. Flip it to the back and trace the Justine flower shape twice along the bottom of the paper, with the tab overlapping the second shape. Cut out the one long shape, accordion fold it, and attach the end tab to the beginning petal. Place some Tacky glue on a small circle of paper and carefully place the center of the pleated flower on it, covering it with a small weight (small jar or book) to dry. Repeat to make 4 flowers.
  3. Take the glue pad and tap it onto the front of the flowers. Sprinkle on blue glitter and shake off excess. Let dry.
  4. Cut four 1/8 wide strips of green plaid, two strips 1 1/2 long and two strips 3 long. Take a ruler along the bottom of the card and make marks at 1, 2 1/2, 4, and 5 1/2. Glue the strips vertically on these marks, alternating short and long strips. Trace the holes of the Lacy flower onto the back of the green plaid and cut out 8 shapes for the leaves. Glue 2 leaves to each stem as shown. Zot the flowers onto the tops of the stems. Glue a 5mm pearl to the center of each flower. Trace around each stem and leaf with a fine tip brown marker.
  5. Cut a 3 1/4x3/4 strip of green plaid and glue across the top left corner of the card, trimming off the excess paper. Trace along the top and bottom of the strip with brown marker. Stamp a warm Hello on the center of the green strip with brown ink.
  6. For the inside: Cover the inside panel with brown paper with the lily corner embellishment in the top left and the lace border along the left. Print Hope you have a wonderful day! onto 2 3/4x1 of green plaid. Ink the edges and mat onto purple dot, leaving a 1/8 border. Ink the edges brown and glue to the card 3/4 from the bottom and 1/4 from the right.