Advent Calendar

Ann Barba

Advent Calendar
By Ann Barba

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Designer Tip: Fill the little boxes with treats to enjoy on the days counting down to Christmas! The 3/4" circle punch was handy for making circles to back the Dazzles numbers.



  1. Instructions
  2. Spread out all the pieces of the Advent calendar excluding the little boxes and paint all the surfaces (or ink them with a sponge) green. Let dry. If needed, apply a coat of acrylic spray sealer and let dry. Assemble the calendar, using Aleene's Tacky Glue in the joints to secure.
  3. Assemble the little boxes using small pieces of clear tape. Measure the front of a box and cut a square of blue dot paper to fit. Glue the front, then place face down on a cutting mat. Use an X-acto® knife to cut out the round notch. Repeat this for all the boxes, using various patterns of paper from the pack as shown.
  4. Cut 10" each of white, blue, and silver glitter ribbon. Cut each length in half lengthwise so each pieces is about 3/16" wide. Use Zips adhesive lines to attach the white glitter ribbon to the edges of 8 of the boxes as shown. Do the same with the silver and blue glitter ribbons.
  5. Use the 3/4" circle punch to punch 24 white cardstock circles. Starting with the top left corner and going clockwise, place the Dazzles number 1 on a white circle and glue it to the front of the box going off the right edge as shown. Trim excess. Repeat for number 2 and so on, varying the positions of the numbers. Use both styles of numbers on the silver Dazzles (you'll have just enough of number 2).
  6. Page: Cut 9"x9" of the blue dot paper to fit in the center of the calendar. Test the fit and trim if needed. Mat a 7"x5" photo on white cardstock leaving a 1/16" border. Glue white glitter ribbon across the bottom. Place the crystal adhesive tree on the left side. For the year, cover the chipboard numbers with burgundy dot, using scissors or an X-acto® knife and cutting mat to trim around the chipboard. Attach to the bottom of the photo with Zips adhesive lines. Glue the photo centered 3/8" from the top.
  7. Mat a 4"x2 3/4" photo on white cardstock with a 1/16" border. Glue white glitter ribbon across the bottom and glue to page 3/4" from the left and 3/8" from the bottom. Do the same with a 2 1/2"x2 3/4" photo and glue to page 3/8" from the bottom and 3/4" from the right.
  8. Peel off the crystal holly and place just the holly leaf on the corner of green snowflake paper and trim around. Do the same to the second leaf. Glue the holly to the page in between the two small photos as shown. Place the small snowflake over the bottom right of the large photo as shown. Cut the large snowflake into 2 pieces and place them on the top left and bottom left as shown. Finally, glue your page to the Advent Calendar.