All About Fabric

by Sara Naumann

Papercrafting embellishments are more than metal these days! Whats the latest look? Fabric.

Youve probably noticed that fabric has played a strong role in papercrafting lately, in everything from twill and ribbon accents to fabric stickers. And scrappers arent just putting them on the pagetheyre altering them with ink, chalk and distressing techniques.

The appeal of fabric:
Trendy items are great for the industrythey give us a constant wave of new things to entice consumers. From paper dolls to eyelets, weve all watched as new and different embellishment trends hit the market.

The appeal of fabric lies in several areas. First, its relatively flat, unlike last years bulky items. Its also acid-free, so consumers can get the look of dimension without worrying about acidity issues. And it can be used in a variety of ways: the scrapper can simply place it on her page, or she can alter it with inking or chalking techniques. And finally, fabric embellishments are perfect for scrapbook pages, as well as cards, altered books, mini books and more.

Different varieties:
From twill ribbon to fabric stickers, the range of fabric embellishments offers something for just about everyone. Take a look!

Twill ribbon: Printed or plain, twill ribbon can be a border on a scrapbook page or an accent on a card. Papercrafters can attach it with Zots, tie it on a metal clip or wrap it around a photo or journaling. Printed twill has the added benefit of a messagepapercrafters dont have to struggle with rubber stamping on the ribbon.

Grosgrain ribbon: Like twill, grosgrain ribbon comes printed or plainit also comes with patterns of stripes and dots. As with twill, grosgrain can be glued down, tied or wrapped for unique texture and a touch of color.

Fabric stickers: Take a scrapbooking staple (stickers) and add the latest trend (fabric). The result? Fabric stickers that add color and dimension to any papercraft. Fabric stickers can be chalked, inked and even crumpled and distressed (be sure to leave the backing on when crumpling the sticker!). They can also be frayed to achieve a shabby chic look.

Organza pockets: Sheer organza pockets make marvelous accents for baby and wedding albums. Heres where the scrapper can store babys first tooth or lock of hair, bridal bouquet petals or other special memorabilia. Some pockets come with printed words.

How to sell fabric?
You know you have customers who are Safe Scrappersmeaning they avoid any embellishments that might later affect their albums. And you know you have those Anything Goes scrappers who include just about everything on their pages. Fortunately, fabric works for both types of customer.

For the safe scrapper, fabric is flat, acid-free and soft. It wont impress on the opposite page of their layout, nor will it affect the longevity of their photos. Recommend fabric stickers, ribbon and organza pockets to your safe scrappers, advising them to attach the fabric with glue. Even better, she can still alter these fabric pieces with chalk and ink.

The Anything Goes scrapper will love the metal accents on the fabric pockets and shell be happy to add brads or eyelets to her fabric sticker tags or twill and grosgrain ribbon. She still gets the appeal of 3-D embellishments but also reaps the benefits of flat accents.

Class topics can range from general Using Fabric in Your Album to specific techniques like Altering Fabric Embellishments. Dont forget that fabric embellishments also make for innovative card classes, too!

Were excited about the fabric trend, says Hot Off The Press President Paulette Jarvey. Thats why weve developed fabric stickers, organza pockets, twill and printed ribbon. We wouldnt develop this much product unless we were confident in the trend. This new look offers independent retailers the opportunity to maximize their competitive advantagethe ability to quickly integrate the latest trends into their product mix and educational programs.