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Artsy Collage™ Christmas Santa Tin

by Sara Naumann

Susan recommends wiping galvanized metal with lemon juice or vinegar to remove the coating. This will help your embellishments adhere to the tin.

Designer Susan Cobb started with a silver metal CD tin. She added a collage of Christmas papers, some whimsical paper art and a few embellishments. The result? This adorable Christmas CD tin, decorated just for the holidays!

One of the attendees at our Girlfriends Getaway in September said, Im involved in a Christmas swap, so I need to make 15 identical projects. This CD tin is perfectI know I can do 15 of these assembly-line style, and it wouldnt cost me an arm and a leg. Another great idea!

Start with a collection of Artsy Collage
Christmas supplies. Here's what Susan used:

* Part not in database (may have been discontinued): #60155 * Artsy Collage Christmas Background Papers * Artsy Collage Whimsical Christmas * Artsy Additions Gold 3-D Collection * Artsy Additions Embossed Christmas Paper Charms * Artsy Collage Gel * Artsy Collage The Ultimate Glue * foam brush * waxed paper or palette paper

Then follow Susans guidelines:

1. Tear 7-10 pieces of different red papers from the Christmas Background Papers collection. Be sure to tear some in round shapes, others in long narrow pieces. Each piece should be about 1"-2"; tear each piece so no white edges show.

2. Remove the lid and place it on your work surface. Pour a small amount of the Artsy Collage Gel onto a piece of palette paper or waxed paper. Use a foam brush to apply some of the gel to the back of a piece of collage background paper. Place the paper on the metal lid. Add another piece, selecting a different paper pattern. Overlap the pieces as you wish Repeat until the front of the tin is covered. Susans Tip: You dont have to go around the grooved edgesits simpler and faster to collage only on the very top of the tin.

3. From the Whimsical Christmas Collection of paper art, tear out the large Santa, the ho ho, the North Pole cancelled postage stamp, the Merry Christmas tag, the Santa gold plaque and the Joy postage stamp. Collage them onto the lid as shown.

4. Collage the inside of the lid with background papers as shown, keeping the collage paper toward the center of the lid. From the Whimsical Christmas Collection, cut out the word Joy, the candy cane, six gold stars and the words Merry Christmas. Collage these onto the inside of the lid as shown. Let the lid and inside the lid dry.

5. From the gold Embossed Paper Charms, cut out the drum, the rectangular Santa image and the snowman. Use The Ultimate Glue to attach the drum to the lid, placing it to overlap the Merry Christmas tag at the top. Glue the rectangular gold Santa image on the left.

6. Cut a 2" strip of gold netting from the 3-D Collection. Place it horizontally on your work surface. Gather the center of the strip of netting together by pinching it together vertically. Tie a piece of gold fiber around this gathered center to create a bow from the netting. Use The Ultimate Glue to attach a small feather to the tin, next to the gold Santa image, and glue the net bow on top.

7. Cut two 1.5"x .5" pieces of gold netting. Attach one on the top left of the inside of the lid, and the other at the bottom right. Cut three 2.5" long pieces of fiber, knot the end of each piece and attach to the inside of the lid, positioning each strand so it extends from a letter in the Joy paper. Use The Ultimate Glue to attach the gold stars as shown.

8. Collage the candy cane, Merry Christmas and additional stars as shown. Use The Ultimate Glue to attach the gold snowman on top of the netting in the lower right side.

Its little. Its cute. Its totally unique. This whimsical CD tin is the perfect way to present a special gift to just about anyone on your holiday list!