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“Autumn” page

Layouts With Pizazz
Layouts With Pizazz


By Paris Dukes

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  1. Use the brown plaid paper as the background. Fold over the top left corner of the paper and glue in place. Cut a triangle of dark purple cardstock that is the same size as the folded triangle and glue it over the folded triangle to cover up the white from the back of the paper. Cut a square of gold leaves paper and glue it behind the folded over area to complete the top left corner of the page.
  2. Cut a 2 1/2” strip of gold leaves paper and glue it along the bottom edge of the page. Cover one jumbo slide mount with dark purple cardstock. Cut out the plaid border and cut it into two pieces, creating one 8” long piece and one 4” long piece. Wrap the end of the long piece around the left side of the covered slide mount and wrap the end of the short piece around the right side. Add two antique mini brads to the plaid border, positioning one just to the left and one just to the right of the slide mount, turn over and fasten on the back to secure the loose ends of the border to the back of the border. Add one small photo behind the window of the slide mount. Position the bordeer and slidemount on the background paper, covering the seam between the brown plaid background paper and the gold leaves paper strip, then glue in place. Use a brown pen to journal onto the light portions of the plaid border.
  3. Mat two photos on tan cardstock, trimming the mats to 1/8”. Glue one photo about 1” down from the top edge and 1/2” in from the right edge of the page. Glue the other photo about 1 1/2” in from the left edge of the page, centered between the plaid border and the folded over piece in the top corner. Cut out the two blank fragments from the artwork and use a brown pen to journal on them. Glue one in the bottom left corner of each photo, overlapping both the photo and the background paper. Cut out the “leaves” fragment and glue it in the top right corner of the photo on the left, overlapping both the photo and the background paper.
  4. Cut out the “Autumn” label and glue it to the top of the page, overlapping both the folded over portion and the top left corner of the photo on the right. Cut two 4” lengths of ivory grosgrain ribbon, tie a knot in the center of each and trim the tails at an angle. Use Glue Dots™ to attach one knotted ribbon each to the top of the “A” and the “N” on the label.

Paris Dukes

A tip from Paris: Use the “fold over” technique to add color and interest to an otherwise empty portion of your page. Just fold over one corner of your paper, then cut a square of coordinating paper and glue it behind the folded-over area to complete the corner. If the background paper that you’re using is white on the back and you end up with a white corner on the front of your page, you can leave it as is, cover it with a different paper or accent it with decorating chalks. Glue the folded over corner to your page to keep it in place, or add a brad to fasten it to the page.

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